KOK carbon 280mm

KOK carbon 280mm



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Profile: symmetrical 280mm
Profile height 4.5 mm
Depth 33 mm
Weight: about 16 g
Handle sheet: 4.5 mm
Bolt hole: 3 mm

280 mm Classic Sheets are made of carbon fabric (CFK) and reinforced by a wooden stiffener. Bolt hole is reinforced with aluminum inserts inside. Design: carbon fabric structure composed and logo into the surface sheet. These blades are designed for a new generation of Micro Heli Helicopter. They are characterized by a stable vise and very quiet operation, allowing them to their profile and well-placed center of gravity. The model provides great dexterity in 3D aerobatics. In particular, under extreme load, these leaves behave very straightforward.

  • Brake adapter, hex alumin

    Brake adapter, hex aluminum (blue) (use with HD shafts)
    SKU: TRX4966X
  • Clover Leaf Antenna 5.8GHz TX-RX

    Circular Polarization is one of the biggest step forward in the progression of the FPV experience of the last few years. It has improved signal reception on all bands and brought 5.8Ghz video from one of the least practical systems to now one of the best.

    This is a 5.8Ghz Cloverleaf antenna for your transmitter and receiver.  A plastic enclosure is included to stop the antenna from being bent or damaged.  The connection on this antenna is a SMA type connector.

    A cloverleaf antenna has 3 distinct lobes on it.  Is is usually used to connect to your transmitter unit that is onboard your multicopter or aircraft.  This is an omni-directional antenna so you might have some signal loss when you are flying directly above the receiver as this antenna does not rediate directly below or above the antenna axis.  However overall the cloverleaf antenna is the best type to use for your transmitter.
    Cloverleaf Antenna Specifications

    Set of TX and RX antennas Included!

    •   Gain: 5dBi
    •   Antenna connector: SMA Plug
    •   Standing wave ratio(SWR): <1.5
    •   Length: 8cm
    •   Weight: 12.5g
    SKU: FPVCA02
  • Finwing 390 Pan + Tilt Module

     390* Versatile FPV Pan module + Tilt Module

    Includes: Pan Module + Pre-built Tilt Module, 1PCS Heavy Duty Titanize Metal Digital Servo, and 1PCS 17g servo

    •   Servo Pulse width range: 1000-2000
    •   Pan moving range: 3900-4000  (Full range)
    •   Tilt moving range: 600-900 (Full range)
    •   Control angle may be subject to your equipment wires. Please check carefully before flight to prevent binding.
    •   Compatible with Gopro2/Gopro3/Gopro water housing/ General FPV cameras

    Camera not included

  • Fuel filter

    Made from Aluminium, small, lightweight, for all applications

    Pack of 2

    SKU: RCFL-006
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