KOK carbon 280mm

KOK carbon 280mm



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Profile: symmetrical 280mm
Profile height 4.5 mm
Depth 33 mm
Weight: about 16 g
Handle sheet: 4.5 mm
Bolt hole: 3 mm

280 mm Classic Sheets are made of carbon fabric (CFK) and reinforced by a wooden stiffener. Bolt hole is reinforced with aluminum inserts inside. Design: carbon fabric structure composed and logo into the surface sheet. These blades are designed for a new generation of Micro Heli Helicopter. They are characterized by a stable vise and very quiet operation, allowing them to their profile and well-placed center of gravity. The model provides great dexterity in 3D aerobatics. In particular, under extreme load, these leaves behave very straightforward.

  • 130 X - Tail Case With Vertical Fin Combo

    Lynx Heli Innovations has redesigned the standard 130 X plastic tail case, using aluminum alloy.
    Our tail case is different, being constructed of two CNC parts, that once assembled surrounds and locks the tail boom on all four sides.
    Micro helicopter upgrades can be a trap – often they look nice but do little for function. Weight is of course critical. In particular, micro helicopter tail components are important were small weight differences can make a huge difference to final flight performance.
    We spent hours optimizing the design to achieve the required strength with a final weight beyond compromise. We are pilots, and we expect top performance from our upgrades.
    We have improved the standard gear mesh tolerance. This optimizes tooth mesh - reducing wear and vibration, with a huge increase in tail precision and strength.
    For the best looking design the Lynx tail case is sold in combination with our lightweight carbon vertical fin (LX0311). This tail case combo adds performance to your 130X tail system.


    - Direct replacement for the standard 130 X tail components.
    - Increase tail response, optimize gear mesh and reduce vibration.
    - Flanged radial bearing ABEC 5 class assures the perfect tail shaft and torque shaft support, reducing vibration.
    - “Closed box” design surrounds and locks the tail boom on all four faces.
    - FEA (Final Elements Analysis) design assisted, resulting in lightweight and maximum strength.


    - Tail case material (2 pc) : Aluminum 7075-T6 – clear anodized finish.
    - Bearing material: SST – ABEC5
    - Screw material: Carbon steel plated
    - Perfect match combo with LX0311 - 130 X - Lightweight carbon fiber vertical fin
    - Tail case assembly weight: 2.3g
    - Tail case combo assembled (tail case + vertical fin) weight: 3.05g


    - 1 x 130 X – CNC Tail case
    - 1 x 130 X – CNC Tail plate
    - 1 x 130 X – Ultra-light carbon fiber vertical fin LX0311
    - 3 x Flanged bearing 1.5x4 h2
    - 1 x M1.2x2 Pan head screw silver
    - 3 x M1.4x3 Pan head screw silver
    SKU: LX0308
  • Align 750MX Brushless Motor (450kV)

    This is an Align 450kV, 750MX Brushless Motor, and is intended for use with the Align T-REX 700E helicopter kit. The 750MX motor incorporates a radial fan in the end bell, creating powerful airflow to dissipate heat, while tweaks to the motor design and reduction in weight not only contributes to dramatic power increase, but also enables cooler operating temperatures during and after flights when compared to the previous generation motor. The 750MX motor armature has a special balance adjustment to improve the serious shaking problem that other small motors have. High-speed ball bearings, powerful magnetic outrunner rotor, maintenance free, high torque, high efficiency, stable and quiet operations - all packed into one serious motor. What more could you ask for?

    • Input voltage: DC11.1V-50.4V
    • Max continuous current: 100A/165A(5sec)
    • Max output power: 4400W/7260W(5sec)
    • KV value: 450KV
    • Stator Arms: 12
    • Magnet Poles: 10
    • Dimension: 6x52x61.5mm
    • Weight: 452g
    SKU: HML75M02
  • Compass Model 7HV FBL V2 Ultimate Edition Flybarless Helicopter Kit with Carbon blades Scorpion motor

    Compass Model 7HV FBL V2 Ultimate Edition Flybarless Helicopter Kit with Carbon blades 690-710, Scorpion motor HKIII 4035-500.

    This is the Compass Model 7HV FBL V2 Ultimate Edition Flybarless Helicopter Kit. The 7HV is a unique 700 class electric helicopter that was designed by Sebastian Zajonz. Sebastian incorporated his years of experience into the design, blending a variety of innovative features into a 700 class bird that avoids unnecessary complexity. These features include an automatic belt tensioner, a sliding battery tray for fast and easy battery changes, a thrust bearing to protect the drive bearings and the swash plate, and the rotor head geometry has been optimized for flybarless operation. The single-stage transmission with large diameter mod 1.0 gears can handle the punishment of the most powerful motors and provides efficient power transfer. The direct servo-to-swash linkage rods are equal length to provide linear movement, while eliminating the angle-error and uneven movement that is found on other models.

    Plus, the servos, speed controller and motor have been placed at the height of the tail boom, and the battery is positioned close to the center of gravity. This arrangement provides a high center of gravity, so the 7HV can perform efficient maneuvers and can fully utilize modern flybarless systems, yielding incredible performance and great results.

    Included V2 Ultimate Edition Upgrade Parts:

    •   Delrin Helical Style 127T Main Gear
    •   14T Helical Style Pinion
    •   Carbon blades 690-710
    •   Scorpion motor HKIII 4035-500.
    •   Quick Release Canopy Mounts
    •   V2 Pitch Links with Set Screw
    •   6mm Tail Rotor Shaft
    •   Metal Tail Pitch Control Arm
    •   Metal Tail Pitch Slider
    •   Larger Blade Grips
    •   115mm Carbon Tail Rotor Blades
    •   Battery Tray Rail
    •   Head button


    •   Automatic belt tensioner
    •   Sliding battery tray
    •   Mod 1.0 Gears
    •   Optimized for flybarless
    •   High center of gravity


    • Length: 1372mm
    • Height: 403mm
    • Rotor diameter: 1560mm
    • Motor pinion: 14T
    • Take off weight: ca. 4.3 - 5.1kg
    • Motor type: Brushless
    • Battery size: 12S LiPo (2 x 6S) 4000-6000mAh
    • Rotor blade size: 690-710mm

    Needed to Complete:

    •   Helicopter Transmitter & Receiver
    •   (3) Cyclic Servos
    •   (1) Tail Servo
    •   700 Class Helicopter ESC & Motor
    •   690 - 710mm FBL Main Blades
    •   (2) 6s 4000-6000mAh LiPo Batteries & Charger
    •   Flybarless Control Unit
    SKU: 7HVW-ULT-Combo
  • Motor Frame Agile7.2

     Motor Frame x1
    Cup head socket head screw x4 M4X8
    For Agile7.2

    SKU: SPA72-18
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