Fuel Shutoff Clamp

Fuel Shutoff Clamp


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Fuel stopper with lock, stop the fuel without fail. Release the lock just by pushing the pump.
Extremely easy to use. For all R/C models.

  • Blade 300CFX Tail Boom Carbon Fiber

    Tail Boom Carbon Fiber for Blade 300CFX

    SKU: BLH4526C
  • CF Battery Mounting Plate

    CF Battery Mounting Plate

    SKU: HS1123
  • Gryphon Mini Auto Booster (Touch switch type)

    Gryphon Mini Auto Booster (Touch switch type) 

    The Tiny Booster GAB-3300 is a light and compact size glow plug ignitor for Nitro Engines, equipped with a built-in push button and timer function for stand alone usage.

    It is also able to operate automatically with the use of a "trigger" optional cable linked to a Hall sensor and also with a Y cable linked to the Hall Sensor plug of standard Nitro Engines Governors / FBL built in Governors.


    • Input voltage : 3.2V~16V(1~3 LiPo Cells)
    • Timer : 12sec Current draw : 0.75A @ 7.4V, 0.95A @ 6.0V, 1.30A @ 5.2V
    • Size : 8mm(H) x 17mm(W) x 27mm(L)
    • Weight : 4g (Main unit) 15g (Cable included)


    You can feed power to the Tiny Booster with an external battery ( Lipo 2S 450mAh for example ) to avoid using a receiver channel port, or feed it with an available receiver channel port (Do not use the signal wire in that case).

    An automatic fuse circuit will prevent circuit loss and protection of the receiver battery / power supply in case the glow plug would be defective or in case of short circuit on the glow plug wire or terminals.

    An overheating protection circuit will shut down the Tiny Booster in case the circuit temperature gets too high (for example with too many repeated attemps to start a faulty engine / wrong fuel line). Once the unit has cooled down, normal operation can be processed.

    The 3 different colors leds will indicate the state of the Tiny Booster.

    RED LED : Glow Plug Ignition

    YELLOW LED : Timer (12sec)

    BLUE LED : Power on

    SKU: GAB-3300
  • MAH multicopter propeller 14X5 Carbon

    Specially produced for for Multicopter UAV applications . Made in Europe!
    The 14X5 Carbon Fiber Precision Pair is produced with a unique process, giving ultra light weight with stiffness. It is the solution for high end performance Multicopter UAV propulsion platform. 

    The results are- Quick response, less overload for the motor, Longer flying times, Higher payload.

    Included 2 props, 1xCW and 1xCCW

    Perfectly pre balanced and matched

    SKU: MAHMR14X5
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