Feathering Spindle with O-rings and Bushings

Feathering Spindle with O-rings and Bushings
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BLH3213 Feathering Spindle With O-Ring , and  Bush , Fits  Blade MSRX
  • 3 Blade aluminum rotor head SE

    3 Blade aluminum rotor head, for up to 2 meters models.

    Made in Germany speaks for its quality

    High-strength aluminum and high-end storage features of this rotor head.

    • Aluminum silver anodized or natural (on request and demand)
    • Head is in silver finish steel
    • Approximately 178 mm bolt circle
    • Blade grips 14 mm
    • Rotor shaft mount 12 mm (10 mm On request)
    • Rotor Head Aluminum
    • 16 mm bearings (2 per blade grip pilot bearing / thrust bearing 1)
    • Delivered completely with Swashplate and locker.
    SKU: SKU48013
  • 450DFC Main Rotor Head Black Upgrade Set

    Follow by 700 DFC/600 DFC's design, the 450 DFC flybarless rotor head system utilizes extreme low CG design, effectively reduces resistance during flight, increased flight responsiveness and precision, resulting in superior 3D performance and unimaginable flight speed with extremely attractive design.

    Extreme low CG and short main shaft design, dramatically reduces flight resistance, effectively improves T-Rex 450’s 3D performance and speed.
    New style linkage rod design, complete assembly increases linkage rod rigidity, allowing the pitch slider (follower) to be omitted, resulting in a head assembly that is much simplified and rigid.
    Upgrading to the 450DFC rotor head assembly is extremely easy; just replace the head block included in the 450DFC kit, connect the 450DFC linkage assembly, and replace the main shaft with 450DFC main shaft. Existing swashplate is kept in the upgrade.
    The damper rubbers are manufactured utilizing POM material, sleek surface, with superior anti-wear characteristic.
    Suitable for all T-REX 450 Pro/Sprot V2 flybarless system Use 450 SE/SPORT must purchase additional dedicated Main Shaft Set- H45H001XXW


    • 50DFC Main Rotor Head Assembly-Blue x 1
    • 450DFC Main Blade Grip-Blue x 2
    • 84ZZ Bearing x 4
    • 450DFC Damper rubber x 2 (POM Φ4xΦ6.5x3.8mm)
    • Spacer × 2
    • Socket collar screw(M2x12mm) x 1
    • M2 Nut × 1
    • M2 collar screw(M2x15mm) x 2
    • 450DFC Main rotor grip arm integrated control link x 2
    • 450DFC Main rotor grip linkage bearing sleeve x 2
    • 681ZZ-d2 Bearing(Φ2x4.5x2mm) x 4
    • 450DFC Linkage rod A x 2
    • Ball link × 2
    • 450DFC Main Shaft x 1
    • Socket collar screw × 2(M3x16mm)
    • M3 Nut × 2(M3)
    • Main shaft spacer × 1(Φ5×Φ9×0.1mm)
    • Main shaft spacer × 1(Φ5×Φ9×0.2mm)
    SKU: H45162
  • Aluminum 450 Flybarless Conversion

    Aluminum 450 Flybarless Conversion
    SKU: BLH4399
  • Carbon Fiber Paddle 500

    500 -550 T-rex .Carbon Fiber Flybar Paddle
    64 X 42MM

    SKU: RJX-201
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