Eolo /Spirit Screw Set

Eolo /Spirit  Screw Set


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Set of screws , all you need to have for repairing an Eolo/ Spirit heli. Purchase this set and you save more then 50% of cost. Included in the package

S0030 M3x8 caphead x10
S4354 M2.5x6 caphead x10
S0079 M3x5 caphead x10
S0041 M3x3 grubscrew x 20
S3370 M2.5x8 caphead x10
S0116 M2.5x10 caphead x10
S0029 M2x8 caphead x10
S0114 M2x12 caphead x 10
S0039 M3x10 caphead x 10
S0100 M2.5x4 caphead x10
S0117 M2x5 caphead x10
S0080 M2x10 caphead x10
S4141 M3x6 caphead x10
S0074 M2x14 caphead x10
S4300 M2x6 caphead x10

  • Counterbearing 30mm for Motorshaft 5mm

    Counterbearing 30mm for Motorshaft 5mm

    Item Description

    • MIK04470 Counterbearing 30mm for Motorshaft 5mm
    • For LOGO 500

    SKU: MIK-04470
  • Align 750MX Brushless Motor (450kV)

    This is an Align 450kV, 750MX Brushless Motor, and is intended for use with the Align T-REX 700E helicopter kit. The 750MX motor incorporates a radial fan in the end bell, creating powerful airflow to dissipate heat, while tweaks to the motor design and reduction in weight not only contributes to dramatic power increase, but also enables cooler operating temperatures during and after flights when compared to the previous generation motor. The 750MX motor armature has a special balance adjustment to improve the serious shaking problem that other small motors have. High-speed ball bearings, powerful magnetic outrunner rotor, maintenance free, high torque, high efficiency, stable and quiet operations - all packed into one serious motor. What more could you ask for?

    • Input voltage: DC11.1V-50.4V
    • Max continuous current: 100A/165A(5sec)
    • Max output power: 4400W/7260W(5sec)
    • KV value: 450KV
    • Stator Arms: 12
    • Magnet Poles: 10
    • Dimension: 6x52x61.5mm
    • Weight: 452g
    SKU: HML75M02
  • Aluminum Motor Mount

    • Aluminum Motor Mount x 1pc
    • Spring de 5 / df ,3 / LL 6 x 2pcs
    • Spring de 3 / df 0,53 / LL 35 x 2pcs
    • Steel Washer 4,3 x 11 x 1 x 2pcs
    • Metric Hex NYLON Nuts M4  H5 x 2pcs
    • Socket Head Cap  M2,5x8 x 2pcs
    • Aluminum Finishing Washer M2.5 x 2pcs
    • DIN 12.9 Cup Point Set Screws M4x15 x 2pcs

    Use for Goblin 500

    SKU: H0211-S
  • Ball Bearing 3x8x4

    Ball Bearing 3x8x4

    SKU: RCBB-004
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