DYNA-X Conversion kit

DYNA-X Conversion kit


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Dyna-X was designed around RobbeMillenium mechanics.
Main idea is to combine Genuine Robbe mechanics, with improved 2 pieces frames ( Same idea as the Futura SE), All in frame Specially designed Aluminum components, which together create a extremely strong and lightweight structure and very light Helicopter, Rigid and Lightweight engine mount with Central support unit, Aluminum servo rockers and Landing gear plates are just a few of the advantages of Dyna-X . This helicopter designed for both F3D and FAI . All built around 90 size motors, without the need of upgrading or changing components to suit the heli for today’s Hi-Tech Engines.
All components are designed with an emphasis on function and durability, not on economic production. This machine is very smooth, light and the strongest on the market.
Due to an agreement with Robbe , full kits will be sold in the same box as the Millenium, and except for RCmarket parts, the kit will include only original Robbe parts.
Since Dyna-X was designed to work with Robbe mechanics, it will accept most of Robbe upgrades.


  • Main rotor diameter: 1490-1530 mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 300 mm
  • All-up weight: 4300 g
  • Height: 450 mm
  • Motor size: 15.00 cm3 or electric
  • Swashplate : Robbe System 88
  • 1- Carbon Frames + Ground plate
  • 2- All CNC Metal in-frames components
  • 3- Fuel tank-Specially made for Dyna-X
  • 4- Hardened 15T pinion
  • 5- 2.5mm Titanium Pushrods for pitch Push pull
  • 6- Servo Tray and Swash guide Adaptor.
  • 7- All Necessary Hardware+Bearings

See the Dyna-x Video in Videos section below

  • Tail Rotor Shaft and Drive Pulley

     Tail Rotor Shaft and Drive Pulley (2pcs) for B450

    SKU: BLH1665
  • Bomber QUAD 1.1

    This co-axial quad/octocopter frame is the part of our new super professional range,which was developed over 2 years of research.

    • It`s made from extra strong patented technology carbon fiber plates and tubes, using our own technologies and equipment.
      It`s build to provide very smooth and stable flight with extra-heavy up 5kg payloads .
    • This frame is foldable - it`s very comfortable for transport . You`ll be need to release 12pcs of wing nuts to fold the motor arms and landing gears to put your copter into the storage place.
    • Two big li-po shelves allow the use of two-four LiPos to increase flying time and make their replacement easy and in correct CG.
    • The protection cage will keep the copter`s electronic equipment in cases of overflips, protecting expensive electronics.
    • Ultimate camera mount adaptor plate is specialy designed to reduce vibration on camera . It`s compatible with all camera mounts .
    • The holes to mount standard controllers and also the MikroKopter electronics are already foreseen on the centerplate, as the ones necessary for the distribution board with the speed controllers.
    • This machine including a large foldable landing gear (350mm of clearance).
    • The frame is delivered partially assembled, so building is faster and easier.
    • Diameter of the frame +- 1100mm.
    Weight of the frame with landing gears, protection cage and camera mount adaptor plate – 2011gr
    SKU: BD41000
  • Lynx Heli InnovationsTail Grips Blade 130X

    Lynx Heli Innovations has redesigned the standard 130 X plastic tail grip, using aluminum alloy.

    Micro helicopter upgrades can be a trap – often they look nice but do little for function, and only add weight, in particular micro helicopters tail components, were smaller weight difference can made huge difference in final performance.
    We spent hours optimizing the design to achieve the required strength with a final weight beyond compromise.
    We are pilots, we expect form our upgrade a better performance.
    After many flights, we decided on a single 4x1.5x2 radial bearing design.
    Simple, lightweight and durable.
    Only 0.35g each grip assembled, with a huge increase in tail precision and strength.
    The counter couple weights are sized to reduce the servo load during fly, giving faster tail response, less vibration and increase tail servo longevity.
    The details and design of these tail grips add top performance in your 130X tail system.
    Tail grip are weighted and have better performance compare the std one.
    Reduce 2 or 3 steep tail gyro gain to compensate Lynx tail grip efficiency.

    • Increase tail response and reduce vibration.
    • Preassembled with lock thread linkage balls and lubricated bearing
    • SST linkage balls to assure durability and wear resistance
    • Integrated CNC counter balace weight to reduce servo load during fly maneuvers, giving faster tail response, less vibration and increase tail servo longevity.
    • Direct replacement for the standard 130 X tail parts.
    • FEA (Final Elements Analysis) design assisted, achieve lightweight and maximum strength.

    • Tail Grip material: Aluminum 7075-T6 – anodized finish.
    • Bearing Material: SST – ABEC5 - Linkage Ball Material: SST
    • Assembly weight: 0.7g (the couple)

    • 2 x 130 X – CNC Tail Grips factory assembly
    SKU: LX0307
  • Main Gear

    Main Gear: 130 X
    SKU: BLH3703
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