Drive pulley LOGO 480/500/600/690

Drive pulley LOGO 480/500/600/690

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Drive pulley LOGO 480/500/600/690

  • E-Flite Blade 200 SR-X Stabilizer Fin Set White

    E-Flite Blade 200 SR-X Stabilizer Fin Set White

    SKU: BLH2019
  • eneloop Transmitter 8 cell Pack 9.6 2000mah

    Sanyo eneloop Transmitter 8 cell NiMh Battery Pack AA - Flat at Graupner / JR plug-in system (9,6V-2000mAh)

    •   eneloop transmitter battery of size AA - Flat / Graupner / JR plug-in system
    •   Can be used straight after purchase and has a high performance
    •   Long shelf life with no loss of energy and can be used everywhere
    •   Cost effective in purchase and usage
    •   Environmental friendly and easy to use

    Product Features

    High efficiency Low self-discharge Can be charged with the conventional NiMH-chargers
    Dimensions: (L x H x W) 115 x 52,5 x 14,5 mm
    Content: AA 8 pc(s) - Flat,GraupneR/JR plug
    Capacity: 2000 mAh

    What is exactly eneloop?

    Eneloop is a combination of a rechargeable and a disposable battery the next evolutionary step for batteries into the 21st century.
    SANYO can ship the batteries to Amazon in an already charged state, without losing its power, because of it very low self-discharge.
    This means that you are purchasing an already charged battery. Eneloop is as user-friendly as a disposable battery. Once charged, it keeps its charge
    for up to 6 to 12 months - (90 per cent of the charge after 6 months, 85 per cent after 12 months) In contrast to a disposable battery,
    eneloop can be charged up to 1000 times, thus eliminating the waste of 999 disposable batteries. Using eneloop rechargeable batteries really does pay off.
    Considering the cost of the eneloop battery, compared to a disposable battery, plus cost for the charger and the energy consumed by the charger,
    The investment for one eneloop returns easily after a few charging cycles. Now there's an end to this spending.

    What is the difference between the "old" and the "new" improved eneloop?

    1. An extra of 500 charging cycles - instead of being rechargeable 1000 times, the new eneloop is even rechargeable up to 1500 times.

    2. Improved self-discharge. Even though the self-discharge of the old eneloop was already very impressive, you can store
    the new eneloop for 3 years and still it will retain 75% of its capacity.

    3. You need a battery, which is reliable even when having cold temperatures? Before eneloop was suitable for temperatures as low as -10°C - now even until -20°C
    SKU: RB-4548
  • Futaba FF7 / 7C2.4GHz

    Fully expanded seven-channel computer system of ergonomically efficient hand-held transmitter design, exploiting 2.4 GHz FASST technology. The FASST system is a Spread Spectrum system with frequency hopping (FHSS). No crystals, no spot frequency selection, no same-channel interference - these are the fundamental advantages of FASST technology.

    Virtually proof against interference due to Spread Spectrum modulation, frequency hopping and encoding from transmitter to receiver, with more than 130 million possible codes.

    For a detailed description of the system advantages of 2.4 GHz FASST technology please refer to the FASST introduction page.

    The transmitter is supplied fully expanded, with one analogue rotary control and six switches, and requires no additional accessories.

    Comprehensive software with mixer functions for fixed-wing model aircraft and helicopters. Contains all the essential functions which the advanced modeller really needs.

    The system is very easy to program with its four control buttons, 3-D hotkey and logically arranged software. The LCD screen with 72 x 32 pixels features extra-large dots for better legibility.

    The software is available in six languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

    Ten model memories

    Digital stick trims store the trim values automatically, eliminating the need to adjust the trims or store the values separately when you switch models. The LCD screen shows the trim value positions in graphic bar form.

    Integral H3 (1:1:1) swashplate mixer for CCPM rotor head control (140°).

    Integral Trainer system.

    Integral folding stub aerial.

    With charge socket, prepared for use with rechargeable battery

    The dual-axis stick units are designed for universal mode (Modes 1 and 2), and can be converted by the user to suit his personal preference


    1 T7CP FASST transmitter, 2.4 GHz
    1 R 617 FS FASST receiver, 2.4 GHz
    1 Switch harness

    SKU: F7029
  • Gold connector 4mm Mega pack (20 pcs)

    Gold contact connector system 4 mm (20 pcs)
    CT-4 Versatile low-priced 4 mm gold-contact system. The standard connector system for all medium and high current range applications. Compatible with existing 4 mm gold-contact plugs. Ideal for connecting batteries in series.

    Mega pack gives you huge savings -over 20%

    • Short design, (36 mm)High contact security,
    • low contact resistance
    • Secure against short-circuit and reverse polarity
    • Accepts cable up to 2.5 mm2
    • Load current up to 50 A
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