Compass 7HV Canopy Mounts

Compass 7HV Canopy Mounts

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Compass 7HV Quick Release Canopy mounts features a custom locking push/pull pin design made to fit the Compass 7HV helicopter.

Quick Release pin is made from carbon steel, bright zinc plated with stainless steel components and is designed to stay connected to the canopy.

  • Standoff is made from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Hardcoat Surface Treatment
  • Dyed Black
  • Standoff Length: 33.78 mm w/M3 thread

Kit is designed for use with the stock Compass 7HV  Canopy.
Use of any other canopy may affect the intended performance of this kit.

Kit includes:

  • 2-Quick Release Pins
  • 2-Quick Release Standoffs
  • 4-Grommets
  • Brushless Motor 4725-540kv

     KDS Brushless Motor 4725-540kv

    SKU: BL4725-540KV
  • Compass Model Motor Mount Spacer Set (3)

    This is a replacement Compass Model Motor Mount Spacer Set, and is intended for use with the Compass Model 7HV helicopter.

    Part Compatibility:

    • Compass 7HV
    SKU: CPS09-7053
  • Kontronik PYRO 750-56 L Brushless motor

    In 3D helicopter flight a motor is heavily used. And it is exactly for this reason that a PYRO is well - equipped.
    It's special design and construction make it handle a continuous power of 4500w.

    To achieve this a high-quality Neodym material was used for the magnets heat resistible up to 150 °C.

    The winding is made of an extremely heat resistant copper, normally used by the aerospace industry.

    The rotating can additionally gets a precise balancing. So the thin section bearing is rendered unnecessary.

    A continuous power of 3 kW produces a lot of heat even in such an efficient motor as the PYRO. A new designed cooling stream enables the PYRO to release the heat absolutely reliably.

    The PYRO in short:

    •   Neodym magnets, heat resistant up to 150 degree C
    •   Specialized wire, heat resistant up to 300 degree C
    •   Perfectly balanced
    •   Optimized metal sheets
    •   Optimized ventilation


    • 560U/min/V
    • max. 25.000 U/min
    • 453 gr

    SKU: KON-277101
  • LOGO 500 Super Combo YGE

    LOGO 500 Super Mikado Combo Is a special deal from Mikado. its a Huge cost saving.

    Combo includes:

    • 1 Logo 500 kit
    • 1 set of main rotor blades EDGE 523 FBL
    • 1 YGE 90LV ESC with BEC
    • 1 Motor Scorpion HKIII-4020-1100
    • 1 Mini VBar Blueline Express
    • 3 Savox SH 1257 TG swash servos
    • 1 Savox SH 1290 MG tail rotor servo
    • 1 Airbrush canopy
    • 1 motor pinion for 6S Lipoly battery
    • 4 carbon servo arms

    Price subject to change. Availability may vary.

    SKU: MIK-2259
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