Clutch Bell Assembly 90

Clutch Bell Assembly 90
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Clutch Bell assembly ( helical) 90

  • 600/700FL Linkage rod

    Use for T-REX600/700N 3G Programmable Flybarless System

    SKU: HN7100A
  • Align 520 Carbon Fiber Blades

    Use for T-REX 550E Helicopter


    Shape: Symmetrical
    • Length:520x48x6.5mm
    • Width:12mm
    • Bolt size Diameter:4mm
    • Weight:Apprx 200g/set
    SKU: HD520A
  • Align Quadrocopter M480L Super Combo Multicopter, GPS, APS-M

    The new Align M480L is light weight, foldable and has an efficient design allowing for long flight times with high payload. This kit comes with everything you need to get up and flying, just add a transmitter, receiver and battery and your good to go. It comes with robust automatic retractable landing gear ready for full 360 degree aerial cinematography applications.
    The M480L is an adaptable Multi rotor , it comes configured with 4 motors swinging 15 inch foldable high efficiency props. In this configuration it can carry a full G3 Slipring gimbal with Mirrorless DSLR cameras such as the Panasonic GH4 for 9 minutes on a single 6s 5200mah pack. Want to carry something heavier like a Canon D5? No problems simply change to the M690 arms, add two motors and ESC’s to the M480L to upgrade it to an M690 900mm heavy lift Hexacopter without needing to buy a whole new rig. Need more flight time? The M480L will carry up to 12000mah for flight times approaching 20 minutes with payload.
    For sport flyers the M480L without gimbal will fly for up to 20 minutes on a single 6s 5200mah battery making it the ideal aircraft for blistering long range FPV fun or just tearing up the sky at the local field.

    Of particular interest for use as a camera carrier are firstly the retractable skids and secondly, the matt black carbon fiber parts.These two points mean that neither the runners appear in the image, nor the potential in direct sunlight reflections are recorded by the camera.


    The M480L is a specialist aerial photography platform for both amateurs or professionals. With impeccable quality of manufacturing as we have repeatedly shown. Diagonal 800mm in quadcopter configuration, this UAV can carry a 3 axes G3 or GH-G3-5D gimbal for demanding professionals .
    Designed for moisture resistance, at the height of power and beauty, industrial and structural design. Arms feature a quarter-turn to lock and unlock allowing placement and quick storage. Once folded, the size is greatly reduced allowing shipping with a minimum of clutter.
     Blades "high rigidity" plastic composite, reduce noise and are more efficient, thereby resulting in better flight efficiency and autonomy increasingly important flight. The blades are also foldable for simplified transport.
     Common platform permits rapid change between the quad and hexa platforms when needed to power heavy equipment. the arms are very stiff as direct result of Align's expertise in the field of Professional helicopters. The entire chassis becomes very rigid, providing ideal support for aerial photography.
    Train returning, offering a field of view of 360 °, underwent a battery of tests and a test of endurance 20000 repetitive actions BL4213 370KV Brushless motors are a result of all the experience of ALIGN: high torque, high efficiency, no loss of power and low operating temperature.
     This allows an flight of 20 minutes on bare chassis with a single Lipo 5200mAh, or 10 minutes with a G3 + GH4 gimbal. The flight time will be extended by using very high capacity batteries> = 10000mAh brushless controllers have to inerchangeables LED colors when needed.
     Align's new flight controller APS-M supports quad configurations (4), hexa (6 ) and octo (8). Flights Modes include attitude, speed GPS, angular GPS, Intelligent and manual. In addition, it offers GoHome failsafe, low voltage failsafe, OSD Signal outpout, gimbal control, fix-item survey functions.
     It's battery holder allows the installation of a single high-capacity battery, or two smaller batteries. The carrier slides into place and Lock ensures maintaining flawless. ROs connections are given for 100Amps with patented anti-spark.
    Flight Control System
    Brand new APS-M multirotor auto-pilot system with higher performance, precision sensors and superior reliability platform.
    APS-M supports 4, 6, and 8 rotors multicopters, with flight modes such as Manual, Attitude, GPS (angular), GPS (speed), and Intelligent.
    APS-M provides OSD output function to output various flight parameters and with waypoint modes:
    1. Patrol (ground station),
    2. Commanded return home (Go Home),
    3. Automatic loss-of-signal return home.
    Compatible with PC and Bluetooth interface, could be easily adjust flight parameter and update firmware at any time.
    Also fully support with Futaba, Spectrum and JR S. BUS/S.BUS and DSM2/DSMX/DSMJ/DMS S system .

    • 1 x APS-M Multicopter control unit
    • 1 x GPS Sensor
    • 1 x GPS LED
    • 1 x PCU Power control unit
    • 4 x 4213 Brushless Motor
    • 4 x 40A Speed Controller
    • 2 x Undercarriage retract servo
    • 4 x  7.5 inch foldable rotor sets

    Radio Transmitter

    SKU: RM48001X
  • Flywheel nut (TRX 2.5, 2. …

    Flywheel nut (TRX 2.5, 2.5R, 3.3)
    SKU: TRX5244
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