Carbon rod ends 2mm

Carbon rod ends 2mm


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Set of 2 pieces, fits 2mm carbon pushrod. Need to be glued with Epoxy glue.

  • Blade 500 3D RTF

    The Blade 500 3D is a 3D capable 500-class helicopter that's perfect for those flyers who want the smooth precision and stability of a larger helicopter but with all of the convenience of electric power.?

    Measuring 850mm in length and with a rotor diameter of just under 1m, the Blade 500 3D has all of the in-sky presence of a 30-size glow powered helicopter but with phenomenal instant power and torque thanks to its 6S 22.2V LiPo battery source.
    The fly-bar equipped rotor head makes the Blade 500 ideal for pilots who are not yet ready to take the flybarless plunge and who either prefer the feel of the more traditional head design or who are not yet ready for the increased rotor speed and reaction that the flybarless designs yield.

    The Blade 500 3D is available in either Ready-to-Fly (RTF) or Bind and Fly (BNF) formats; the latter of which requires the pilot to already have a Spektrum full range DSMX/2 compatible transmitter such as the awe-inspiring DX8 or DX7S. In RTF format, the Blade 500 3D comes with the superb Spektrum DX6i DSMX computer transmitter. Both come fully equipped with the E-Flite G210HL Micro Heading Lock MEMS gyro, a 70A S-BEC E-Flite ESC and the powerful E-Flite 520H 1320Kv Brushless motor. Spektrum Digital servos and a high-output 6S (22.2V) E-Flite 2900mAh LiPo complete the Blade 500 3D and complement its precision design and engineered airframe. And because it's a Blade, you know that it'll fly as well as it looks –right from the box. Just charge the battery, install the main rotor blades and carve up the sky.

    Key Features

    • E-flite G210HL micro heading lock MEMS gyro
    • 425mm carbon fiber main blades
    • Single-piece, carbon side frames
    • CNC-machined aluminum head block
    • CNC-machined aluminum swashplate
    • Triple ball bearing-supported hardened steel main shaft
    • Spektrum S300 digital servos with S400G digital tail servo
    • E-flite 520H 1320Kv brushless motor
    • E-flite 6S 22.2V 2900mAh 30C Li-Po battery
    • E-flite 70A S-BEC speed control
    • Spektrum DX6i 6-channel DSMX transmitter with batteries


    • Approximate Flight Time 5 minutes
    • Battery 2900mAh 6S 222V 30C LiPo (included)
    • Completion Level Ready-to-Fly
    • Experience Level Intermediate
    • Flying Weight 406 lbs (184 kg)
    • Height 118 in (300mm)
    • Is Assembly Required No
    • Length335 in (850mm)
    • Carbon Fiber Main Blade
    • Main Gear Ratio 104:1
    • Main Motor Size 520H
    • Main Rotor Blade Length 425mm
    • Main Rotor Diameter 382 in (969mm)
    • Number of Channels 6
    • Rotor Type Collective Pitch Single Rotor
    • Size/Scale 500
    • Speed Control 70-Amp
    • Swashplate Type 120 degree
    • Tail Ratio 466:1
    • Tail Rotor Diameter 78 in (198mm)
    • Type Electric 500-size collective-pitch helicopter
    • Width 61 in (156mm)

    Needed To Complete

    Nothing! Everything you need to get in the air is included in the box.

    SKU: BLH1800
  • Blade 550X Pro Helicopter Super Combo

     Combo Content

    • 1 E-Flite Blade 550X Airframe Kit
    • 1 Revolution Flybarless 550mm carbon fibre main blade set
    • 1 E-flite Heli 550, 1360Kv brushless outrunner motor
    • 1 E-flite 130-Amp ESC
    • 1 E-flite 10-Amp BEC
    • 1 Pre-painted fibreglass canopy
    • 1 Spektrum AR7200BX 7-Channel DSMX Flybarless Control System
    • 3 Spektrum H6040 digital, high-speed cyclic servos
    • 1 Spektrum H6080G gyro servo

    Items Needed To Complete

    • 6+ Channel computer transmitter with helicopter programming
    • 6S 5000–6000mAh 30C Li-Po Battery
    • 6S Li-Po battery charger
    • Tools for assembly

    The Blade 550X is a ground-up designed professional series electric helicopter for the discerning expert pilot. From every angle and in every detail, the 550X ticks all of the boxes that a pro-level pilot could ever want for. Penned by the Blade team of highly driven heli pilots, the 550X has been created to provide the ultimate in response, feel, precision and control and to set a new benchmark for 550-size professional series performance.

    The backbone of any high performance helicopter is its chassis and the Blade 550X certainly doesn’t disappoint with its Twin Vertical Plate design, CNC cut offering that’s produced from high quality bi-directional plain weave carbon fibre to provide exacting torsional rigidity and strength in all directions whilst keeping weight to an absolute minimum. Flex is banished in order to provide the highest possible levels of feel, reaction and control whilst in the air and the chassis is complimented by precision CNC machined aluminium alloy bulkheads that provide the necessary spacing for the TVP design whilst also providing solid and accurate location points for the servos, main shaft and running gear.

    Flybarless head design means a low parts count, resulting in a simpler head setup and easier routine maintenance.
    New to the Blade line up, the kit completion level gives the opportunity to build their helicopter, and use chosen servos, receiver, transmitter, ESC, motor, and battery.
    The professional quality Revolution main blades included have the weight and CG made specifically for a flybarless helicopter. This provides incredible response and crisp flying characteristics while still maintaining great tracking through high-speed manoeuvres.
    The torque tube driven tail efficiently drives the tail without robbing power, and the lack of a belt means there is no longer any need to constantly adjust tension.
    Carbon fibre main frames provide an extremely rigid frame design.
    Direct to swash servo setup provides for a lighter design than using mechanical bell cranks, eliminating slop build over time by reducing the number of linkages in the overall system.
    Fibreglass canopy provides exceptional finish and durability included in the box.
    Easy to install one piece landing gear reduces weight.
    CNC metal parts deliver precise parts fit. The precision parts provide for Zero slop in all moving parts, which enable crisp response from the heli.
    Sleek frame design keeps important components inside the frame to help prevent crash damage, while maintaining an appealing look.
    Robust 10mm Hollow Main Shaft/8mm Spindle design maintains strength throughout the most advanced manoeuvres
    Carbon fibre fins are lightweight, enhancing overall response and agility

    Product Specifications

    • Type: 550-class collective-pitch electric flybarless helicopter
    • Main Rotor Diameter: 49.0 in (1245mm)
    • Tail Rotor Diameter: 9.45 in (240mm)
    • Gross Weight: 7.39–7.72 lb (3.35–3.50 kg)
    • Length: 44.5 in (1130mm)
    • Main Gear Ratio: 12.07:1
    • Motor Size: 550-size 1350Kv brushless outrunner (included)
    • Kit/ARF/RTF: Kit
    • Control System: 120-degree CCPM
    • Rotor Blade Length: 550mm
    • Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
    • Experience Level: Professional
    • Recommended Environment: Outdoor
    • Assembly Time: 5-7 Hours
    • Is Assembly Required: Yes
    SKU: BLH5525C
  • Gryphon Pin Flag Switch Fail-Safe

    Gryphon Integrated Switch Hi Power Flux LED Board + PinFlag Switch GSB-1030P

    GSB-1030P is an Integrated Switch which features both "fail safe on switch" and "Low-voltage alarm LED".

    1 Watt High Power Flux LED provides day light visibility up to 200 meters away.

    Can be used with any Gryphon product which has Low-voltage alarms, including GVR-7020.

    SKU: GSB-1030P
  • High NRG Li-Ion cell 1400mah

    Those High-NRG Cells have a permanent Discharge capability of current 10-12C (= 13,2A) and Max Dis-Charge current of 20C (27A) for up to 5sec. Charge current is up to 1c. A cell weight is 41gr, a bit . more than foil-packed Li-Po cells of same capacity, but the excessed weight is well explained - the robustness of the cell is based on it. Many special protective functions . High-NRG Cells have a cylindrical metal housing that protect them against mechanical damage . Therefore they are much better protected, as well the model, and your investment into those cells. High-NRG Cells have a temperature safety device, which cut off the current flow during faulty operation or short cut but the cell will not explode, as can happen with other brands. The High-NRG Cells offers new possibilities for RC pilots: Achievement for longer running times with fewer weights! This leads unbelievable 3D aerobatics in Helis to 20min long flights or. Aerobatics machines fly better by the program, because they are more easily and also RC Cars drive much longer

    Each cell is Equipped with Soldering tags for easy packs preparation

    Please note those are High Discharge cells. Using Digital Servos must be used with those cells. Other competitors packs will not hold high Discharge and will put your model in Crash danger

    Technical Details

    Voltage 3.7v
    Capacity +/-1400 mah
    Φ18 x 65mm
    Weight +/- 41 g
    Max Charge ( Recommended) Current 1.3amp
    (Data Sheet allows up to 3c)
    Discharge: Normal Discharge <12c
    Burst Discharge (Max 5 Sec) 15-20c >28amp

    Full data Sheet can be seen Here

    Safety devices:

    Metal case
    Temperature/Overload device
    Equipped with Soldering tags for easy packs preparation


    Radios, Cars, E-helicopters, E-airplanes

    SKU: SKU14214
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