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  • AccuRC Precision Flight Simulator

    Introducing the world's only 3rd generation aerodynamically accurate RC simulator made by AccuRC!

    AccuRC isn't just a simulator - it's a complete modelling experience! Designed to give you the pleasure of owning, configuring and flying real models, every aircraft is accurately detailed and can be configured to meet your own requireme Examine your aircraft in the 'Workbench' - a unique feature where you can see the control system working, tune your models, swap out components, change colour schemes and change the settings of electronic devices such as gyros and flybarless controllers. And you're not limited to one set-up per model - you can have several copies, each one set up differently. AccuRC lets you enjoy a fantastic new level of realism - it's like the real thing!

    Minimum System Spec:

    • i3 2.1ghz or AMD FX6100
    • 4Gb Ram
    • Nvidia GT425M or GT630
    • Radeon HD 7640G, 7600M or equivalents
    • 2.5GB Hard Drive Space
    • DirectX compatible sound card
    • DVD Drive
    • Windows Vista/7/8

    Recommended Spec:

    • Intel i5 2.5ghz or AMD FX8350
    • 4GB Ram
    • Nvidia GTX 660 or Radeon R9 270,
    • Nvidia GTX680M or Radeon HD7970M or equivalents.
    • 2.5GB Hard Drive Space.
    • DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • DVD Drive.
    • Windows Vista/7/8

    SKU: AC1000

  • AeroSIM RC Training Simulator

    AeroSIM RC Training Simulator

    This high quality RC flight simulator includes a CD with software and user manual in electronic format, and a USB interface with an adapter to fit the transmitter of your choice.

    The USB interface is fitted with a 3.5 mono jack that can be directly used with JR/Spektrum/HitecAurora/Turnigy/GraupnerMX. An adapter is required for other transmiters (sold separately), consisting on a short cable with a female 3.5 mono jack on on one end, and the right type of connector for the particular transmitter on the other end. Available connectors include: Futaba Square Plug, DIN6 for Futaba Round Plug and Hitec, Multiplex (DIN5, compatible with DIN7 and DIN8), Graupner with Trainer Socket (jack 3.5mm stereo), and ESky/WFly/Storm (minDIN4).

    Upgrade policy:

    The latest full version of the software can be freely downloaded from the download page at Try it out before you buy it!!!

    Without the original USB cable, the flying time is limited to two minutes after which the model stops flying and a message inviting to purchase the simulator is displayed.

    The upgrade policy is that all future software updates, including new functions, models and scenarios will be free to download.

    FPV features:

    The simulator is quite popular among FPV enthusiasts for its unique FPV features. The on-board FPV Camera in all models can be controlled from the transmitter (or even from a Head Tracker), and several types of OSD present the GPS and flight data in a realistic way. There are also customers interested in practicing FPV over their actual flying site, and the simulator includes a Scenario Generator to build new scenarios from satellite imagery, captured, for instance, from Google Earth.

    Multicopter Models:

    It also includes several MikroKopter models that have been tested by the creator Holger Buss, and MK users are finding very attractive the simulator in order to protect their investment by learning to fly them first in the simulator. Also the GAUI 330X-S is included.


    • Training Programs
    • There are two Training Programs: (1) Airplane, and (2) Helicopter/Multicopter.
    • The Training Programs are designed for those with no experience at all on RC, and we are getting very good feedback from the users who try them.

    Minimum Requirements:

    • Pentium III or compatible at 1GHz
    • Graphic Card with at least 32MB RAM with OpenGL driver.
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 200MB hard disk space
    • CD-ROM Player
    • Sound card compatible with DirectX
    • Free USB port to connect the transmitter
    • Compatible Radio Transmitter Futaba/Sanwa/Hitec/Multiplex/JR/Spektrum with trainer connector.
    • Windows 7 (32 and 64 bits), Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000

    Recommended Requirements:

    • Pentium 4 or compatible at 2GHz
    • Graphic card ATI or NVIDIA with 128MB and with OpenGL driver

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Building Scale Helicopters

    by Peter Wales

    "Is it real or a model?" is possibly the highest compliment any scale modeller can get.

    With this book, learn how to make a scale model helicopter that will be the envy of your flying companions

    SKU: RCBO-009

  • FF9 Reflex cable

    Especially made for Reflex (new version), to fit FF9 radios.Also possible to have for 9Z

    SKU: SKU14544

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Futaba/Hitec Round adaptor

    Adaptor lead suitable for Futaba or Hitec Round connector

    SKU: HA080

  • neXt - CGM rc Heli Simulator

    The neXt level of heli simming. We gave our rc Helicopter Flight Simulator the name neXt because it heralds the next evolution in the model flight simulator industry.

    THIS IS a download product, and you will receive a license details once payment completed.

    Thanks to the highly effective programming beneath the hood of the graphics engine, you'll get the highest quality not only on the latest hardware, but also smooth performance on older computer systems. To demonstrate this quality, let's compare real flights with simulator flights. All input devices that output a joystick signal will be accepted (see compatibility list). The neXt contains nine flight sceneries (MBG Mauchenmuehle, MSV Oberhausen-Rheinhausen, AMA Muncie USA, Flying Devils Stralsund, Sports Hall Bargteheide, MFG Bad Saulgau, Airport Porta Westfalica, FMK Braunschweig, X3D Scene), 27 helicopters and 2 multicopters.

    More scenes, helicopters and functions will be added in free updates.
    All v 1.x updates are free of charge.

    1. Align T-Rex 800E PRO DFC (setup by Luca Pescante)
    2. Align T-Rex 700L Dominator (Setup von Luca Pescante)
    3. Align T-Rex 700E PRO DFC HV (setup by Luca Pescante)
    4. Align T-Rex 700E, MicroBeast flybarless system
    5. Align T-Rex 600E PRO DFC
    6. Align T-Rex 550E PRO DFC
    7. Align T-Rex 450L Dominator
    8. Align T-Rex 450PRO DFC
    9. Banshee 700 Limited Edition (setup by Michael Streit)
    10. Compass Atom 7HV Ultimate
    11. Compass Atom 6HV Ultimate
    12. JR Vibe 90 SG FBL (setup by Urs Hotz, Schwebebiene)
    13. JR Forza 700
    14. KDS Agile 7.2
    15. KDS Agile 5.5
    16. Mikado Logo 700 XXtreme (setup by Mirko Cesena)
    17. Mikado Logo 600 SE
    18. Mikado Logo 600 3D
    19. Mikado Logo 500 SE
    20. Rave Ballistic 635
    21. SAB Goblin 700 (setup by Daniel Wiedenmann)
    22. Voodoo 700 (Acrobat Helicopters)
    23. Voodoo 600 (Acrobat Helicopters)
    24. Blade 550X (Horizon Hobby)
    25. Blade 130X (Horizon Hobby)
    26. EC Tiger (Eurocopter, 2m)
    27. Bell 222 700E
    28. DJI Phantom (Quadrocopter)
    29. DJI Spreading Wings S1000 (Octocopter)

    Beginner: The hover flight trainer progressively enables more and more control functions in order to help beginners learn hovering from the four predefined angles. An inverted-flight trainer completes this training program. The switchable autopilot simulates the flight behavior of real helicopters with BD3SX, HC3SX and SK720 rescue systems.

    Advanced: The Simulator is of course fully 3D. If necessary, the neXt shows the stick movements with four available control assignments. Now you can train blade scratching. Practice autorotations and learn the required pitch inputs to perform the manoeuvre in reality with confidence.

    Fun: Try to land your helicopter at a box. A optional marker shows the position of the helicopter on the ground. Meet your friends online in flight meetings. A maximum of up to 10 pilots can attend a room. Record your best flights and save them to disk.

    REDNECK NIGHT FLY with fire and a spot light. Inspired by Camp Hardcore and Tony Whiteside. The only place in USA to allow spot light flying.

    Professional film production: Practice camera flights in co-operation between the pilot and the cameraman with the DJI S1000 including 3axis control and GPS stabilization. The camera can be controlled by a second transmitter or Joypad (Society of Aerial Cinematography / SOAC).

    Demo version: You can download the neXt helicopter simulator for free from our server and test it via keyboard shortcuts. If you would like to try out your own transmitter before you buy, you can do this for 2 minutes.

    Compatible control systems: (compatibility list)
    A transmitter that has a USB adapter cable.
    PS3 Controller (Apple OSX)
    XBox 360 Controller (Windows)

    Copy protection: The online activation requires an internet connection. Up to two computers can be registered. Available updates are displayed at startup.

    Model and scene design: Our helicopter flight simulator is compatible with almost all 3D design programmes (such as Blender, Maya, Maxxon Cinema, 3D Studio Max,... ). Additional helicopters can be created a day after receiving the data.


  • Phoenix R/C Pro Simulator V5.0

    Improved airplane physics rebuilt from the ground up, plus industry-leading heli physics, provide ultimate realism and accuracy
    • Companion software lets you import 3D geometry definitions from almost any program so that you can fly creations of your own, then share online
    • Improved model editing system lets you completely control each models flight characteristics in detail
    • The most authentic simulations of Horizon Hobby® RC aircraft including the innovations they feature such as AS3X® and SAFE™ technology
    • All aircraft flying sites and feature downloads are FREE
    • Over 200 accurately modeled and detailed helis, airplanes, float planes, autogyros and more included
    • In-cockpit and chase camera views give you a wide range of flight perspectives
    • Realistic sounds recorded from actual model engines
    • Dozens of beautiful sites include a range of exotic locations from around the world using high-definition Photofield technology that make it feel like you’re right there
    • Internet/LAN multiplayer mode with voice-chat lets you fly and learn from other pilots around the world
    • Tutorial videos taught by world-class champion pilots


    Whenever weather, schedules or circumstances conspire to keep you from the flying field, scratch your flying itch with the latest Phoenix Professional RC Flight Simulator, version 5.0. Stunning graphics and incredibly realistic physics have made the Phoenix simulator not only one of the best desktop flight simulators, but a virtual RC experience with just about all the benefits of an RC club and flying field. This newest version features definitively refined physics plus new companion software you can use to create your own models, fly them and then share them online. It’s always a perfect time to fly with the Phoenix Professional RC Flight Simulator.

    Phoenix is the incredibly popular worldwide RC simulator that lets you master this complex and rewarding hobby in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are a brand new pilot picking up your first trainer model, or a seasoned veteran practicing for your next big competition, Phoenix has everything you need to take your skills to the next level. Blending incredibly life-like and accurate model physics with beautiful cutting-edge graphics and a multitude of unique features, Phoenix is a fantastic package for beginners and professional model pilots alike.

    Included software lets you import 3D geometry definitions from almost any 3D design program to fly them, then share online.

    The improved model editing system lets you completely control each models flight characteristics in detail with ease.

    Hundreds of models and a wide range of flying sites are included with free downloads available as additional scenery and aircraft are available. No expansion packs required.

    Phoenix 5 is the only RC sim with authentic Horizon Hobby aircraft simulations including the innovations they feature such as AS3X® and SAFE™ technology.

    Whether you’re learning to fly without harsh consequences or just trying out that Blade heli you have had your eye on, the InfinityScape 3D landscape generator lets you fly beyond the horizon over beautiful, ever-changing terrain that you create and control.

    System Requirements
    • IBM-compatible PC computer with 1.0 GHz Pentium 3/4 or AMD Athlon/64 compatible processor or better
    • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system
    • 256MB system memory (RAM)
    • 1.5 GB free, uncompressed hard-disk space
    • ATI Radeon 9800/NVidia Geforce Ti4200 with at least 128MB memory or better
    • Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or higher
    • DVD-ROM Drive for installation
    • 1 free USB 1.1/2.0 port
    • 100% DirectX 9 compatible sound card (optional)
    • Other specifications may apply

    • Phoenix R/C Pro Simulator V5.0 with DX4e By: RUNTIME GAMES LTD


    • Brushless Upgrade: Nano CP X By: BLADE
    • UMX AS3Xtra BNF Basic By: E-flite
    SKU: RTM5000

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Phoenix Sim + DX5

    WITH transmitter Spektrum DX-5 Mode 2 (throttle left)

    You don’t even have to leave the house to enjoy exhilarating flight with all the Horizon Hobby brands you know and love. Just plug into the Phoenix Professional Radio
    Control Flight Simulation 3.0. This Horizon Hobby Exclusive Edition features over 100 beautifully modeled and realistic aircraft (including auto-gyros) from JR Heli, E-flite, Blade, Hangar 9 and Parkzone.
    You’ll also be able to fly with other pilots from around the world thanks to Internet Multiplayer Mode (requires an internet connection). And when you’re ready for new Horizon Hobby aircraft and other scenarios, simply visit for free downloads.


    • fly with interactive buddies
    • free downloads of new aircraft and flying sites – no hangar packs to buy, ever!
    • over 100 models – including those from your favorite brands (HAN, EFL, PKZ, etc.)
    • detailed professional aircraft customization system with in-flight tuning
    • learning made easy by advanced training modes for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft
    • full internet/LAN multiplayer
    • unique competition modes make improving your skills
    • fun, challenging and exciting
    • support for up to 4 people flying together simultaneously via split-screen action (internet connection required)
    • exciting night flight mode – glow schemes
    • realistic water simulation with float aircraft
    • 17 unique and original full-360-degree photographic panoramic sceneries
    • custom Plug and Play USB interface
    • stable, powerful and accurate custom-built dynamics engine for ultimate realism
    • advanced graphics capabilities with special effects including soft shadows and glows
    • clear, intuitive, easy-to-use yet in-depth graphical user interface system and overview

    IN STOCK 48H
  • RealFlight 7 Interlink Mode 2

    This is Great Planes RealFlight 7, with an included Interlink Elite Mode 2 Controller. RealFlight has been the best-selling R/C flight sim for over 16 years, and RF7 makes this incredibly realistic sim even better! No two pilots are identical, so RF7 is available in 3 different editions to meet everyone's needs — and it's the only flight simulator that offers this many options. The software is the same, so regardless of the RF7 edition you choose you'll enjoy all of the realism and features that make RealFlight #1. You'll also find updated enhancements such as multi-level Challenges, Heads-Up Display, Training Aids, RealPhysics™ technology, superior graphics and much more.

    The InterLink Elite is incredibly versatile, realistic and easy to use. Manufactured by Futaba, it offers digital trims, QuickSelect convenience that eliminates the mouse and keyboard for software functions — and with 8 channels at your disposal you have direct access to all RealFlight features, with no setup required. Because the controller is dedicated to RF7, you save wear and tear on your transmitter, and no batteries are required to keep the controller charged and ready. Fly with the InterLink Elite, fly with your transmitter using the built-in interface, or use the interface and InterLink simultaneously with the MultiMode feature.

    Here's what you'll find in RF7:

    1.   Over 90 planes to fly!
    2.   Over 30 helicopters!
    3.   More than 40 3D and PhotoField™ flying sites!
    4.   RealPhysics™
    5.   Training Aids
    6.   Virtual Flight Instructors
    7.   Training Challenges
    8.   Multiplayer
    9.   Reset/Rewind
    10.   Many types of aircraft
    11.   Combat events
    12.   TrueLife™ Terrain
    13.   First and third person views
    SKU: GPMZ4512

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  • Rotor Blade Building, Balancing (Volume 6)

    VOLUME 6: ROTOR BLADE BUILDING & BALANCING (1 hr. 45 min.: 25 scenes) includes:
    This disk starts with the core concepts of balance, and outlines four different balancing procedures. With the theory in hand, various places for error in the rotor head are discussed, and different types of corrective weight are shown. Then it’s on to building a perfect set of wooden rotor blades (for beginners), and balancing them to a high degree of precision with little more than common drinking glasses! The balance of the DVD features Carbon Fiber rotor blades (for intermediate/advanced pilots), and three other balancing methods. These use Du-Bro’s Tru-Spin balance, and gradually increase the degree of sophistication, culminating with an Ohuas gram scale and Miniature Aircraft’s Koll Rotor Pro. With the various balancing methods complete, that information is applied to the main rotor balance of a small electric helicopter. Finally, the DVD finishes by showing how to balance all types of tail rotors.
    Scenes 1-9: Introduction · The Core Concepts · Rotor Head Errors · Types of Corrective Blade Weight · Building Wooden Rotor Blades · Classic Spanwise CG Procedure · Correcting Spanwise CG in Wooden Rotor Blades · New Spanwise CG Procedure · Freezing the Rotor Head · Initial Preparation

    Scenes 10-18: Basic Flybar Balancing · Freezing the Rotor Head · Balancing Procedure #1 · Unfinished Blades · Covering Rotor Blades · Balancing Procedure #1 · Finished Blades · Tru-Spin History · Balancing the Rotor Head Itself · Balancing Procedure #2 · Mechanical Gram Scales

    Scenes 19-25: Balancing Procedure #3 · Balancing Procedure #4 · A Look at Stock Carbon Fiber Blades · Electric Heli Head Balance · Raptor 50 Tail Rotor Hub Modification · Balancing Tail Rotors · Series Conclusion

    SKU: SKU20835

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  • Simulator adaptor Futaba square

    For connecting Futaba transmitters FF to a flight simulator
    SKU: RCFS-004

  • Simulator adaptor wire set, VBar Control

    With this Wire Set you can use any existing VBar main unit or Mini VBar as well as the dedicated VBar Control Simulator Interface as a wireless simulator interface for your favorite simulator.

    SKU: MIK-4910

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Universal Flight Simulator

    Universal simulator is a standard USB interface  between remote control and computer equipment.
    Support Standard simulator software, also supports all use standard game controllers (such as gourmet coaster, Microsoft flight simulator 10, etc.). This simulator provides types of simulation software switch function, keeping both the hardware switch function.
    Perfect to be use with NexRC simulators.

    Cables Included:

    • 3.5MM audio-plug cable x 1pcs
    • JR small round connector cable x 1pcs
    • Futaba big round connector cable x 1pcs
    • ​​​​​​Futaba square connector cable x 1pcs

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