Bevel/ belt gear pinion chassis

Bevel/ belt gear pinion chassis

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Bevel/ belt gear pinion chassis gear box, LOGO XXtreme

  • Carbon Fiber Vertical Fin

    Carbon Fiber Vertical Fin

    SKU: MSRX064VG
  • DJI Phantom 2, FC40, Vision Propeller Pair Self Tightening

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision Propeller Pair Self Tightening 9"

    Contents :
    1 x DJI Phantom Vision 2 CW Self Tightening Propeller 9"
    1 x DJI Phantom Vision 2 CCW Self Tightening Propeller 9"

  • Dust boot, throttle …

    Dust boot, throttle
    SKU: TRX4042
  • Futaba R7003SB FASSTest HV receiver

    Compact, lightweight R7003SB 2.4 GHz FASSTest receiver with integral telemetry transmitter.

    • Smaller, only 7g, lighter 3 /18 - channel 2.4GHz FASSTest S.BUS-Receiver with full range and integrated Telemetry transmitter.
    • Ultra-slim for models with narrow fuselages.
    • With the S-BUS system for up to 18 channels, making it suitable for all models from mini-helicopters to large-scale aircraft.
    • Normal PWM-output
    • The 3 PWM-Servo channels outputs are divided in 7 groups of outputs Port 1 and 2, whereby the output allocation may be freely selected.
    • S.BUS output Up to 18 of the new, programmable S-BUS servos or peripheral devices such as gyros,
    • Flybarless systems or speed controllers can be attached in series directly to this output.
    • One feed cable for all channels.
    • No cable „spaghetti“, and reduced weight.
    • All standard servos can be connected to receivers with an S.BUS PWM adapter.
    • It does not get any simpler.
    • High Response
    • Switchable output speed of the control pulse for digital servos, 6.3 ms instead of 16 ms,
    • which leads to a still shorter reaction time.
    • Aerial Diversity
    • The 2 Aerial Diversity system continuously checks the signal level at both aerial inputs and switches over in a split second to the stronger signal with no transition period.


    • S.BUS2 devices or sensors can be connected via the S.BUS2 socket, and up to 32 telemetry data sets can be transmitted.
    • The receiver‘s integral transmitter sends the telemetry data present at the S.BUS2 socket to the FASSTest transmitter, where the data are displayed on-screen or generated in audible form.
    • Alternatively, the data can be transmitted to a separate Telemetry-Box.
    • When the receiver is connected, data such as receiver battery voltage, external voltage (max. 70 V DC) and aerial signal strength, i.e. the essential telemetry data, are automatically transmitted to the ground.


    • A further voltage range from 3.7…7.4 V nominal voltage, when using 7.4 LiPo-Batteries for receiver power, all connected servos must possess the appropriate voltage capability.
    • The receiver does not feature an internal servo voltage limiter for the high voltage servo voltage.

    Recommended accessory:

    • F1001100 „Extra Voltage“ connecting lead with fuse.


    • Frequency band 2.4 – 2.4835 GHz
    • Spot frequencies 36
    • Channel count 18
    • Channel spacing 2048 kHz
    • Transmission system FASSTest
    • Voltage 3.7...7.4 Volt (4 - 5 Nx, 2 LiFe, 1 - 2 LiPo)
    • Current 50 mA
    • Dimensions 37.4 x 22.5 x 9.3 mm
    • Aerial length 14 cm
    • Weight approx. 7,2 g

    Set contents
    Including adapter for the „Extra Voltage“ connecting lead at Port 2.

    SKU: F1004
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