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  • Last pieces in stock.

    A123 6s 2300mah

    A123 6s 2300mah

    6S 1P, A123 cells, 2300mah with balancer connector.


    6S1P, 2300 Mah, Factory Assembled. Soldering Tags for Max current 4-5 points welded, Heat shrink covered.
    Main lead is 14 AWg silicone wire.

    SKU: A123PACK

  • BL Sport Heat Sinks 28mm

    A beautiful anodized Black 28mm heat sink will keep your brushed or brushless motor cool and efficient. The heat sink includes built in internal machined fins for maximum cooling and was specifically made for micro Helis so aircraft aluminum was used to keep weight to a minimum. This Heat Sink is shorter to fit T-rex, X-400 and other applications
    SKU: SKU14483

  • This product has been discontinued.

    Blue Thunder -700 Attack helicopter Fuselage. Build model

    Blue Thunder -700 Attack helicopter Fuselage. Build model

    This is a 700 size Blue Thunder Factory pre-painted Epoxy Fiberglass fuselage. Factory installed tail independent Fenestron drive system. Model is Built, assembled.
    with Factory Built Fenestron, motor, esc.
    The Model can be delivered with Installed mechanics, and Tri blade Head( Fabricated in germany) as an option. Scale cockpit can be delivered as well.

    If you dont plan to use delivered mechanics, you can use any Suitable 600-700 size mechanics. We recommend using Align, Mikado Logo, RJX.

    The Fenestron uses an independent motor drive system for solid tail rotor control. You can choose to control the tail rotor rpm using an auxiliary or slider channel.
    Tail rotor uses conventional pitch control. Low head speed on the main rotor head will not affect the tail rpm. We recommend using a 1000 Kv main motor on 6s for the main rotor.
    Comes with matched tail motor and 80A tail motor ESC.Tail motor requires a separate 4s 2500 mah battery pack..Factory pre-painted Epoxy Fiberglass fuselage. Factory installed tail independent drive system. Simply drop in your mechanics and go fly !The Fenestron tail fan are included and factory assembled .the esc and motor are included

    Due the size of the model, shipping cost might be an issue, since the model is almost 2 meters long. Collection from Shop is preferred.


    • Length: 1760MM
    • Width: 380MM
    • Height: 240MM
    • Weight RTF :4.8KG

    SKU: BT700-100

  • CF Ferrar Blades

    Walt Ferrar Carbon Fiber Tail Blades are made for FP and CP Micro helicopters to improve tail controls and tail performance.Weight: 0.41 gramsUsage: Micro HelisFeatures: Length: 43mm or 48mmRoot Thickness: 2mm Mounting Hole: 2.00mm
    SKU: SKU6412


  • F450 DJI NAZA-M V2 + GPS V2 + ZENMUSE H3 2D

    DJI F450 Quad Ultimate Combo Inc Naza M V2 & GPS V2 & Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal

    FlameWheel F450 is a multi-rotor designed for all pilots for fun or AP. With DJI WKM or NAZA autopilot system, it can achieve hovering, cruising, even rolling and other flight elements. It can be applied for entertainment, aerial photography, FPV and other aeromodelling activities.

    Combo Content:
    1 x Landing Gear
    1 x F450 Frame
    1 x Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal
    1 x Naza M V2
    1 x Naza GPS V2
    1 x Naza PMU V2
    4 x DJI OPTO 30A ESC
    4 x DJI 1045 Propeller
    4 x DJI2212 Motor

    SKU: F450ARFcombo

    IN STOCK 48H
  • F550 DJI NAZA-M V2 + GPS V2 + ZENMUSE H3 2D



    •   NAZA-M V1 and Phantom users need the PMU of NAZA-M V2 for this to be fully compatible
    •   Please add the PMU as an option if you want this to work for Phantom or NAZA-M V1
    •   WK-M and NAZA-M V2: There is nothing else needed. Just plug and play!
    •   Please note: this includes the gimbal only.
    •   The GoPro Hero 3 camera in the picture is for illustration only and is NOT included
    SKU: F550ARFcombo

    IN STOCK 48H
  • This product has been discontinued.

    FREE Heli carry bag + Carbon main blades

    FREE Heli carry bag + Carbon main blades

    Free helicopter carry bag and Carbon main blades when purchasing a helicopter kit or combo.
    Bag and blades will be delivered according to the size of the kit purchased.
    Color might vary, brand as stock allows
    Valid for 450-800 size helis.
    SKU: HBAG5501

  • Free Jcooler with Jive

    Free Jcooler with each Kontronik Jive

    This is the best combination you have to have when using Jive esc.
    How to apply: Just Add this product when buying Jive( any of them) and we will send the correct Jcooler model for your Jive.


  • HTS SS Blue Sensors Telemetry Pack

    Set of sensors:


    GPS sensor HTS-GPS Sensor x 1
    Temperature sensor x 2 packs (HTS-TEMP)
    Current sensor (HTS-C50) and HTS-C200) x 1
    Magnetic RPM sensor (HTS-MRPM) x 1
    Optical RPM sensor (HTS-ORPM) x 1

    For Use with Optima 7 & 9 Receivers And Hitec HTS Telemetry system

    SKU: 110846S


    HITEC 2.4 GHz Wirelss Telemetry Navigator
    Wireless download and display for essential telemetry information on your PC
    Compatiable with any radio fitted with Hitec AFHSS system
    Displayable telemetry information
    Receiver or Power Battery Voltage
    Fuel Level
    GPS (Altitude, Distance, Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Direction and Trajectory)
    To monitor telemetry information, HTS-SS Sensor station and other concerned sensors are required.
    Download software for HPP-22 (Hitec PC programmer) to utilize HTS-NAVI.
    Available at http://hitecrcd.co.kr/tester/hpp_22.htm
    Download our on-line manual for HTS-NAVI from our website, www.hitecrcd.com (Support Download-Manuals)
    SKU: MTPX114007

  • Li-Ion cell 1800 mah

    This Li-Ion Cell has a great rate Discharge current of up to 10c and Max DisCharge current of 18- 20C for up to 5 sec.

    Charge current is up to 1C. We always recommend for long life to use low discharge up to 5c.
    A cell weights a bit more than foil-packed LiPo cells of same capacity, but the excessed weight is well explained - the robustness of the cell is based on it.
    The special protective functions are: our Cells have a cylindrical metal housing that protect them against mechanical damage .

    Therefore they are much better protected , as well the model, and your investment into those cells.
    Those one have a temperature safety device, which cut off the current flow during faulty operation or short cut but the cell will not explode, as can happen with other brands.
    The Li-Ion Cells offers new possibilities for R/C pilots:

    Achievement for longer running times with fewer weights!
    This leads unbelievable 3D aerobatics in Helis to 20min long flights or.
    Our cells are to be used in Electric applications, RX/TX packs, and more.
    Avaliable in 1800 mah.
    ALL cells comes with factory attached Soldering tags for easy self packs assembly.


    • 3.7V 1800 Mah
    • Size : 18mm diameter x 65mm long
    • Weight approx : 59 grams

    SKU: SKU8130


  • Mini V-Bar 5.3 Express - Only with Heli kit

    Mini v-bar, purchased only together with kit
    SKU: MIK-43571

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Last pieces in stock.

    MS night blades 68cm

    MS night blades 68cm

    The night flight with RC helicopter models is unique experience both for the pilot and the spectator. The illuminated MS Composit night blades utilize the same high performance carbon composite technology as other main rotor blades. Fully integrated light and power sources do not influence the blade aerodynamics, and allow for extensive aerobatics. Each blade is illuminated by two bright LEDs, which create two concentric circles. The night blade design makes the blade visible even in eye-level and inverted flight modes. The blade power source is NiMH cell. For cell re-charge we strongly recommend to use MS-00101 Charger.

    • Weight: 210 g
    • Length: 680 mm
    • Blade type: Night-two colours
    • Root: 12 mm
    • Bolt: 4 + 5 mm
    • Profile: 2S
    • Recommended for brands: class 60 and 90
    SKU: MS-66806

  • Last pieces in stock.

    MS night blades 71cm

    MS night blades 71cm

    There is nothing more eye catching than watching a bright ring of light glowing at the dark night sky. These blades will give you just that, a bright rotor disk with a two color glow. Also available are additional accessories such as a chargers and connectors for a complete conversion kit !!!

    • Weight: 210 g
    • Length: 710 mm
    • Blade type: Night-two colours
    • Root: 12 mm
    • Bolt: 4 + 5 mm
    • Profile: 2S
    • Recommended for brands: class 60 and 90
    SKU: MS-67106A

  • New year Raffle/Tombola


    The year-end Tombola is now a tradition at eRCmarket: from 10 December 2013 till 10 January 2014, each purchase of 80 € will trigger the draw of an envelope which includes a prize!
    The offer was usually valid only for in-shop customers. This year, we decided to expand the raffle to EVERY customer, wherever they are in the world!
    How to participate? Just place an order over 80 € and we will draw the envelope for you. Your Prize will be included in the package.

    Total value of the prizes exceed 4000 €: accessories, helicopters,drones.

    Every 80€ spent entitles you to get an envelope, so if your total order is 800 €, we will be drawing 10 envelopes for you!

    We refill the big prizes every week. On top there will be some bottles of "Black Balsam", DVD players, Lotus flower green tea and more. There are no empty envelopes, so everyone wins!!!

    Nous clôturons les achats de fin d’année par notre tombola traditionnelle.

    Du 10 décembre 2013 au 10 janvier 2014 ,pour  tout achat d’une valeur de 80 € une enveloppe contenant un prix sera remise.

    Cette année, nous offrons plus de 200 prix divers : accessoires généraux, outils, chargeurs, casiers, petits hélicoptères, drones, ….
    et chaque semaine trois gros lots parmi les prix suivants :
    Héicoptère 450/600/700 et grand drone “DJI phantom“ ou “Blade350QX / Y650 carbone.

    Pour couronner le tout, quelques bouteilles de “BLACK Balsam ”, des DVD, des projecteur  de poche, de thé vert Lotus flower,  et bien d’autres délices pour réchauffer vos soirées hivernales.

    Toutes les enveloppes sont gagnantes !

    Traditionele Eindejaarstombola   
    Van 10 december 2013 tot 10 Januari 2014 :Krijg je per aankoopschijf van 80 €  automatisch een envelop met daarin een prijs .
    Dit jaar zijn er meer dan 200 verschillende prijzen : algemene hulpmiddelen ,gereedschappen ,opladers ,dozen , helikopters en drones
    En drie hoofdprijzen :Helikopter 450,600,700/800 En grote drone DJI Phantom or Blade 350QX , of Y650 Carbon.         
    Elke week worden de grote prijzen aangevuld .
    Als uitschieters zijn er enkele flessen " Black Balsam" , DVD speler, Zak projector ,pakjes met Lotusbloem groen thee en andere lekkernijen .
    Alles wat je dag warmer kan maken .   
    Er zijn geen lege enveloppen .Iedereen wint !

  • Revlock 20 Governor System- Demo

    Demo model, installed on our Helicopter, never flew, only for Show purposes! Warranty apply as for new product.

    Get maximum power and maximum control with CSM's RevLock engine governor! RevLock locks your engine RPM to a pre-set speed for the smoothest hovering conditions, unrivalled rotor speed retention in aggressive 3-D flight, and maximum engine power and gyro gain.

    And because CSM RevLock is the only engine governor to use a digitally synthesised 'virtual engine' reference, it gives the most accurate RPM every flight - with no need for a tacho.

    Also recommended for beginners! RevLock reduces the need to alter throttle curves, and protects your equipment from over-revving. CSM's Linear Hall-Effect sensor works with the magnet fitted either way around, and ensures the simplest possible set-up.

    SKU: CSMRL20

  • RJX Carbon fiber blades 550mm

     RJX Carbon fiber blades 550mm

    Perfect for Sport, beginners, and 3D pilots.

    Length :550mm



    Notify me when in stock

  • Toy Fair 2014 Sale 12% OFF- ends on 2 Feb 2014

     Valid till 2 February 2014, Midnight, CET.

    12% OFF every thing in the shop, use code " toyfair " to claim it at the checkout.

    SKU: TOYFAIR2014

  • Wooden Blades 550 mm

    Low cost, and yet excellent product for Beginner and for Aerobatic practicing.
    Durable blades, made for 3-4 layers of quality wood, will deliver excellent performance without making holes in the pocket.

    Fits all 30-50 (550)size helis, length 550mm

    SKU: RCWB-550

  • Wooden Blades 600 mm

    Low cost, and yet excellent product for Beginner and for Aerobatic practicing.
    Durable blades, made for 3-4 layers of quality wood, will deliver excellent performance without making holes in the pocket.

    Fits all 50/600 size helis, length 600mm

    SKU: RCWB-60

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