Bellcrank Set Aluminium ( New)

Bellcrank Set Aluminium ( New)


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Aluminium bellcrank conversion set for all versions of the , Cuatro, Dyna-x,Futura and the Millennium, and gives your helicopter an improved appearance as well as a more direct swashplate linkage.
Contains- 4 alu bellcranks+ metal balls. If you need also the bearings (3x8x3), please mail us.
  • Anchoring pins with lock

    Anchoring pins with locknuts (4)/ plastic thumbscrews for upper deck (4)
    SKU: TRX1516
  • Bell-Hiller mixing Arms

    RAPTOR 30/50 V1 & V2These control levers are both strong and light and perfect for the high control loads encountered during demanding 3D style flying particularly with 46/50 powered machines swinging 600mm blades. Machined from solid and fitted with extra wide (5mm each) twin bearings for zero side movement and high durability. Control balls are hardened steel with M3 fixing threads and come pre-installed along with a pair of socket cap style mounting screws.

    SKU: RCQU-020
  • General Link Modul 2.4 GHz

    This system is available immediately for selected models in the Advanced and Expert product ranges. In addition to the familiar Ready-To-Fly models - i.e. fully equipped model sets complete with RC system transmitter - these models can now also be purchased with a General Link module. Instead of the transmitter, this set contains a transmitter module and accessories, which can be connected to a robbe FUTABA radio control system. This module is also compatible with transmitters made by Spektrum, Hitec, Walkera and JR.

    The General Link module is also available as an individual set, together with adapter leads, rechargeable battery and charger, enabling pilots who already own a Nine Eagles model and a FUTABA radio control system to bind the two systems.

    Set contents:

    • General Link module
    • Three cable sets for connecting the module to various makes of radio control system
    • 3.7 V LiPo battery for powering the module
    • USB charger for 3.7 V LiPo battery

    General Link module including cable set, battery and charger. This is designed to be fitted to existing Nine Eagles models in order to operate them with a FUTABA radio control system, or other make of transmitter. The module can be used for all Nine Eagles models which are equipped with a J4 (not FTR version), J5 or J6 type radio control system.


    • Operating voltage: 3.3 to 4.2 V
    • Current drain: less than 150 mA
    • Transmitter output: 0.1 W

    Audible warning after five minutes without operating the transmitter.

    SKU: NE480133
  • Goblin 380 Tail Pitch Slider Set

    Goblin 380 Tail Pitch Slider Set


    • Tail Pitch Slider x 1 set
    Use for:

    Goblin 380
    SKU: H0512-S
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