Bellcrank Set Aluminium ( New)

Bellcrank Set Aluminium ( New)


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Aluminium bellcrank conversion set for all versions of the , Cuatro, Dyna-x,Futura and the Millennium, and gives your helicopter an improved appearance as well as a more direct swashplate linkage.
Contains- 4 alu bellcranks+ metal balls. If you need also the bearings (3x8x3), please mail us.
  • Ceramic Ball Bearing Set for Webra 40-61, others

    To be used with Helicopter and Airplane engines :Webra 40-50-52,55,61

    ceramic is the new Holy Grail! Its lighter, smoother, stiffer, harder, corrosion resistant, and electrically resistant. These fundamental characteristics allow for a wide range of performance enhancements in bearings. Ceramic bearings dissipate heat quickly, reducing friction and wear while maintaining a precision smooth surface. Today's leading edge ceramics are made with Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) and have characteristics similar to the heat absorbing, highly resilient tiles on the Space Shuttle as they protect it from the 2500 plus degrees F. extremes of re-entry into the earth's atmosphere. The use of Ceramics for bearing components results in a far superior product over traditional all steel ball bearings.

    Set include 2 ceramic bearings, Front and Rear

    The ceramic ball on the right is not only much lighter and impervious to corrosion, but also much more resistant to impact. Ceramic bearings earn their reduced friction due to much tighter roundness tolerances as compared to even the best steel bearings.

    SKU: R6-6903
  • Gear set- gear shaft

    Gear set/ gear shafts
    SKU: TRX4576
  • JR Forza 700 Tail control rod L740

    Tail control rod L740 for JR Forza 700

    SKU: JRH83173
  • Kontronik PYRO 600-11 Brushless Motor

    Kontronik PYRO 600-11 Brushless Motor is specially designed for use in high performance models and was developed for the popular 500 sized helicopters. In this application the motor can unfold his full power and performance. The RPMs are suitable for applications up to 8S. To transmit its enormous power in each assembly situation the PYRO 600 comes with a 6mm shaft diameter. 2 kW continuous power in these helicopters allow 3D acrobatic flight you always have been dreaming of.


    • Neodym magnets, heat resistent up to 150 degree C
    • Dedicated enameled wire, heat resistent up to 300 degree C
    • Optimized metal sheets
    • Optimized ventilation
    • Radial fan
    • Optimized magnet circuit


    • RPM/V: 1100
    • RPM max: 28.000
    • Continuous Power: 2kW
    • Weight: around 220gr
    • Shaft diameter 6mm
    • Poles: 10
    • Inner resist.: 12.5mΩ
    SKU: KON-27214
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