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NEW - NEON COLOURED !!Made from the same low friction polymer resin as our regular "Rocket" ball links but now in high visibility neon orange, green and yellow.Suitable for use on 2.0 & 2.3mm pushrods but can be re-drilled to suit up to a 3mm thread if required. Available in standard or short body versions. Supplied in packs of 10

  • Align T-Rex 100 Flybar Rod assembly

    ●Use for T-REX 100

    ●Flybar Rod x 1
    ●Arm x 2
    ●Head Collar Screw(M1.2x3.2mm)x 2
    ●Spacer x 2

    SKU: H11006

    (Battery Identification system). Simple, safe operation and automatic storing of essential battery data in the robbe BID system. Simply connect the BID key to the charger, and the charge process begins.BID-KEY (Batterie-IDentifikations-System). Utilizzo semplice e sicuro delle batterie e memorizzazione dei loro parametri più importanti nel sistem robbe BID.
    Basta collegare semplicemente il sistema BID al caricabatteria ed avviare la ricarica.

    Since the invention of the Lithium battery the number of different cell types has been rising almost daily. Yesterday we had Lithium-Ion cells with 3.6 Volts, today Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Ion-Polymer types with 3.7 Volts, recently we have seen Lithium-Ferrum cells with 3.3 Volts, and in the pipeline are Lithium-Phosphor cells with 3.6 Volts.

    It is by no means straightforward to keep track of all this, with so many cell types and cut-off voltages.
    It is very easy to forget the type of pack in a model, and also to forget what the settings should be. In a moment the charger is set incorrectly, often with disastrous results. By now most of us have connected a battery for a quick top-up - with the wrong settings - and ended up with a valuable battery which is damaged or even ruined.

    The revolutionary robbe BID system provides an ingenious solution to this problem. The BID key is a small unit which is assigned to an individual battery, and which stores all the important charge parameters for that pack. To charge or discharge the pack all you do is connect it to a BID battery charger; the BID system automatically informs the charger of the correct settings.

    The unit is handled just like the familiar USB memory stick.

    Simply plug the BID key into the charger, and the charge process begins.

    • No tiresome searching through the menu for the set-up parameters

    • Maximum protection from mis-setting

    • The essential battery data is stored in the BID key

    The battery always carries its data around with it - in the BID key:

    BID charge parameters: battery type, cell count, battery capacity, charge current, date of first use.

    BID memory: currently charged-in / discharged capacity, maximum charged-in / discharged capacity, charge cycle count

    SKU: RB-8888
  • CNC Aluminum Main Blade Grip

    The Precision CNC Aluminum Main Blade Grip set is designed to improve stability, durability and performance on the helicopter. It's directly replaced the stock plastic main grip. The Precision CNC Aluminum Main Blade Grip set is machined with high tolerance from aircraft aluminum to achieve the best possible precision and using triple non-shield type ball bearing for the Aluminum Main Blade Grips to avoid stripping and to perform efficiently under high RPM and 3D maneuver condition On mcpx flybarless head system. And yet, the Aluminum Main Blade Grip design allows pilot to set damping from soft to hard to fit your best flying style. Threaded steel ball join is also used to prevent wear and tear for long time use. More than that, the Precision CNC Aluminum Main Blade Grip set is very light weight 0.12gram lighter than stock plastic grip while equipped with triple ball bearing and threaded steel ball join. The Aluminum Main Blade Grip design will bring the best performance and the best look to your helicopter.

    •    2 x Precision CNC Aluminum Main Blade Grip
    •    6 x Non-Shield Ball Bearing
    •    2 x Damper Spacer (Soft)
    •    2 x Damper Spacer (Hard)
    •    2 x Threaded Steel Ball Join
    •    Hardware
    SKU: MCPX001-S
  • Metal Flybar Control Arm Pro

    ●6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed.
    ●Use for T-REX 600E PRO .


    ●Metal flybar control arm x 2
    ●Flybar control rod x 2(Φ3.4x68.1mm)
    ●Scoket screw x 4(M3x5mm)
    ●M4 set screw x 2(M4x4mm)
    SKU: H60209
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