"AAA" Lipo monitor 14.8v 4S

"AAA" Lipo monitor 14.8v 4S
Lipo Monitor



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This is the best Insurance to Fly Safe and to keep your Lipo packs goinf Under charge and inflate..

Lithium Battery monitor showing your battery status in use, When the voltage of battery will drop TO SAFE LEVEL, the monitor will start to show it Visually and also audible with High DB Piezo buzzer. With the help of this monitor you can detect end of Flight, or any problems in your heli or airplane, and will help you to land safe.

Special Light led and sound will be heard / seen from long distance.

This product designed to work with ALL lipos 2S - 7.4v

Working status as following:

- 14.8 v+ Blue light shines
- 14.8~13.6v Blue light flashs
- 13.6~13.2v, Red light shines
- Below 13.2v, Red light flashing & Beep
  From this time, you have around 30 seconds to land ( More then enough time )

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     Compass Model Boom Clamp Set (2pcs)

    This is a replacement Compass Model Boom Clamp Set, and is intended for use with the Compass Model 7HV helicopter.

    Part Compatibility:

    • Compass 7HV
    SKU: CPS09-7060
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  • Helicommand Profi

    Designed for professional usage with industrial helicopters, commercial applications, and machines which are particularly valuable.
    • Particularly smooth and accurate stabilisation when the helicopter is hovering.
    • Positional stability up to altitudes of about 10 m, in winds of up to about 5 m / sec. Also suitable for use in built-up areas.
    • Expanded safe temperature range
    • High-grade fail-safe function (for PCM / FM) with automatic landing if radio link fails.
    • Serial interface for optional ground-link telemetry and for future additional instruments (magnetic compass and GPS)
    • Electronic linearisation with four-servo linkages to guard against mechanical stress
    • Robust, weatherproof aluminium housing with integral vibration / shock absorption features

    High-quality instrumentation for maximum security.
    Essential features include:

    • Four optical imaging systems
    • Triple-axis accelerometers
    • Three high-quality SM gyros
    • Air-pressure altimeter
    • Four micro-processors
    • Second redundant CCD sensor for drift monitoring

    Purchase price includes configuration to the individual helicopter !

    Specification :
    Operating voltage: 4.8 - 6 Volts (4 - 5 NC)
    Current drain: approx. 300 mA at 5 V; approx. 200 mA at 6.5 V
    Weight complete: 230 g
    Dimensions: Height 73 mm, total 85 mm incl. lower protective tube, diameter 74 mm, 61 mm with side flattened

    SKU: RCM19024
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