Gyro is a core of helicopters, good gyro will help your performance. We offering range of decent gyros for beginners as well for 3D users.

  • APS Signal Cable Set

    Suitable for APS Gyro.


    Signal Y-adapter × 1
    APS Signal wire (350mm)× 1
    GPS Signal wire (160mm)× 1
    GPS Signal wire (320mm)× 1

  • CSM USB interface

    For use with the SL720, SL560 (revision 4) and RevLock RL20. An alternative to the standard CSM PC interface for portable computers lacking an LPT port.

    SKU: CSM0049

  • GP790 Head Lock Gyro

    Brand new intelligent control logic providing dynamic gain adjustment by detecting current flying conditions, allowing for consistent pirouetting rates during chaos or other demanding 3D maneuvers. Utilizes feed forward control logic to boost rudder starting speed, and increase response sensitivity. Utilizes Silicon Micro Machines (SMM) sensor with excellent stability to dramatically reduce in-flight tail drifts. Utilizes AHTCS (Active Helicopter Tail Control System) to compensate any drift caused by wind direction and force ,as well as unintended yaw induced by helicopter itself during flight maneuvers. Tailor made specifically for use with high speed digital rudder servos. This gyro festures high sensitivity and minimal reaction time, fully utilizing the potential of modern high speed digital rudder servos. Features 1520μs pulse wide and 760μs narrow pulse wide frame rate. Digital/Analog servo switchable. Reverse switch. Rudder servo travel limit adjustment (ATV). Delay adjustment. Gyro locking mode and gain can be adjusted remotely from the transmitter. Specification: Operating Voltage:DC 4.5~8.4V Current Consumption:<80mA @ 4.8V Angular Detection Speed:500 degrees/sec Operating Humidity:-20℃~65℃ RoHS certification. Operating Humidity:0%~95% Size:26.2x25.2x8.7mm Weight:7.5g
    SKU: HEG79001

    IN STOCK 48H
  • GP900 Head Lock Gyro

    Features: A new generation, multi-purpose gyroscope is born! The Align GP900 is the most feature rich, highest performance gyro on the market. In addition to supporting Spektrum/JR satellites so traditional receivers can be omitted, it is also compatible with Futaba’s S-BUS system. A throttle governor for gas/glow helicopters is built in, plus PC interface for custom parameter tweaking and firmware updates. A high processing cycle CPU is used to achieve more precise rudder compensation calculations quickly, providing the optimal rudder control for the modern high powered helicopters. Rudder pirouetting optimization allows for consistent pirouettes no matter what maneuver or speed. The multi-purpose Align GP900 is the ideal gyro system for flybar helis as well as F3C contestants. Upgrade now and experience the dramatic difference this gyro provides! Instruction: 1.Utilizes MEMS(Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) micro electronic sensors which are small, highly reliable, and highly stable. 2.16bit high processing speed CPU is used for ultra high resolution, resulting in higher rudder precision than previously possible, even on modern high powered helicopters. 3.Supports Spektrum and JR satellites, traditional receiver not needed. 4.Support Futabs S-BUS system. 5.Support both digital and analog servos. 6.Support both wide and narrow band receivers. 7.Integrated RCE-G600 speed governor function, thus GP900 can provide speed governor function without additional electronics. 8.Suitable for all 200 to 700 size glow engine or electric helicopters, with higher vibration resistance than any other systems. Superior performance is achievable even with harder mounting foam tapes. 9.Support parameter setting through PC interface, as well as firmware updates. 10.Anti-torque compensation. Optimal tail locking achievable no matter if gyro is mounted upright or inverted. Specification: Operating Voltage:DC 3.5~8.4V Current Consumption:<80mA @ 4.8V Angular Detection Speed:600 degrees/sec Operating Humidity:-20℃~65℃ RoHS certification. Operating Humidity:0%~95% Size:36.5x25.2x15.6mm Weight:11g
    SKU: HEG90001

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Gyro Mounting Pads

    Fits All Gyros, servos and more !!

    These Futaba high quality Gyro and receiver mounting pads are double sided tape which is used to both securely hold the gyro in place but just as importantly act as a dampener between the frame and the gyro.
    This allows for shock absorption from the Helicopters natural vibration.
    Each pad is cushioned to help to eliminate vibration.

    3 PCS in set

    SKU: RCT0025

  • Gyro Mounting Pads (3pcs)

    3m Gyro Pads

    These 3M high quality Gyro and receiver mounting pads are double sided tape which is used to both securely hold the gyro in place but just as importantly act as a dampener between the frame and the gyro. MADE from 3M material, with 2.5mm of thickness, 3 pcs in a set
    This allows for shock absorption from the Helicopters natural vibration.
    Each pad is cushioned to help to eliminate vibration


  • MICROBEAST Special adhesive foam tape

    MICROBEAST Special adhesive foam tape

    SKU: BXA76008

    IN STOCK 48H
  • SPARTAN Blue-Link

    Bluetooth enabled PC, PDA or mobile phone supporting SPP (Serial Port Profile).

    Spartan provides software for certain platforms only. Such software is available on the Spartan website and we advise that you download and try it to ensure compatibility with your PC, PDA or mobile phone before purchasing a Blue-Link. The software can be found on the page of the product you wish to interface to.

    Class 1 Bluetooth radio offering a maximum range of 100m when used in conjunction with a class 1 capable device and subject to environmental conditions, obstructions and ambient noise levels.
    Dimensions 46 x 20 x 11mm (1.8 x 0.8 x 0.43 inch)
    Power and data leads 26cm long (10.2 inch)
    Weight 12 grams including leads.
    Power supply 4 - 8.4 Volts, current draw <100mA
    Operating conditions: 0 to 50 deg C, 32 to 122 deg F, 20 to 85 % humidity not condensing.
    Storage: -20 to 70 deg C, -68 to 158 deg F, 20 to 90 % humidity not condensing.


    SKU: SRC-00016

  • SPARTAN Flash link USB

    Many Spartan products benefit from computer connectivity capabilities for the purpose of modifying their configuration parameters or updating their firmware when improvements are made. To take advantage of these features an optional Flash-Link or Blue-Link interface module is required offering USB or Bluetooth connectivity respectively. In addition to computer connectivity the Bluetooth option can be used with certain PDAs and mobile phones providing a convenient way for editing configuration parameters at the field. Not all of our products support these options; specific information can be found on each product’s own web page.

    Flash-Link Requirements
    USB1.x or USB2.0 enabled PC running Windows XP or Vista operating system.

    The Flash-Link is an intelligent cable incorporating a USB controller inside the USB plug housing and therefore it requires operating system drivers to function. For a smooth installation endure that the drivers are already installed before plugging the cable to the computer for the first time.

    Any computer software related to the product that you wish to interface to can be downloaded from the the particular product's web page.
    Drivers for old type cables
    If your Flash-Link cable is not identical to the one pictured on this page you will need to use the drivers below. Observe the colour of the servo type plug fitted to your cable to choose the appropriate driver below.
    • Flash-Link (blue plug) Driver v2.0.2.1 for Win2K/XP/2003 (XP Logo Certified)
    • Flash-Link (blue plug) Driver v3.2.0.0 for Windows Vista 32bit and 64bit
    • Flash-Link (black plug) Driver. Only use if Windows can't automatically

    SKU: SRC-03478

  • SPARTAN Gyro Metal plate

    SPARTAN Gyro Metal plate
    Gyros are sensitive to high frequency vibrations. The metal plate helps isolate these vibrations and not allow these vibrations to be transmitted to the Gyro. If your gyro was working fine and then suddenly started to drift try to find the source of this possible vibration.

    We recommend to use the metal plate between the gyro pads.

    1 metal plate in a set

    SKU: RCT00251

  • SPARTAN SLX Adapter

    SPARTAN Simplex Data Adapter (SLX Adapter)

    Certain Spartan products such as the Quark gyro have the ability to be connected to a computer, but due to size or other constraints they do not offer a dedicated data port. This SLX Adapter provides the required data port via intelligent sharing of other plugs. The illustration below shows how the Quark gyro is connected to a computer through sharing of the gain plug.

    This product does not provide computer connectivity on its own. It must be used in conjunction with a Flash-Link or Blue-Link.


  • SPARTAN Vibration Attenuation Gyro pads KIT

    SPARTAN Replacement gyro pads for gyros .
    The pack includes (3x) 30x30x3mm, (2x) 20x20x1mm and, (1X) Metal plate


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