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Here you can find Glow plugs and accessories related to Glow plugs, Glow starters, etc..

  • Aligator Remote glow adaptor

    Aligator Remote glow adaptor, (complete set) easy connection to the glow plug. another choice of the Remote adaptors

    SKU: RCMA114

  • Champion RZ7C Spark Plug

    Champion RZ7C spark plug. Resistor plug, 10mm threads, 1/2" reach, 5/8" hex head. Champion traditional plugs are constructed for longer life and optimum performance. Corrugated ribs prevent flashover. Champion uses only the purest alumina silicate in its ceramic insulator which give all plugs greater strength and better heat transfer. Copper cored and triple sealed to further aid in heat removal and prevent interior leakage.

    To be used with most 20- 50cc engines

    SKU: 5812CM-6

  • Cross wrench

    Cross wrench - with 4 glow plug holders , Long type for easy access in Helicopters and Cars.

    This wrench will fit from Glow plug removal to Motor nut replacement.
    Wrench sizes are : 5.5 - 7 - 8 - 10 mm

    SKU: RDVS0019

  • Enya # 3

    Works excellent with all Helicopter engines, also a general great glow plug for cars, airplanes and boats

    SKU: RCGP-001

  • Glow plug adaptor- pull type

    Made from High heat resistant silicone, this Pull-on-Plug set is a must for every modeler, fits all glow plugs.This is a professional set, for all models

    SKU: SKU11204

  • Glow Plug Connector

    Glowplug connector with flexible cable and alligator clips. Extra long claw connector version for RC cars and boats with combustion engines.
    Long-reach clip, good for RC cars with extreme heat-sink heads
    Designed to fit any standard glow plug, this chrome-plated plug socket locks in place with just a press without pushing or twisting.

    SKU: Robbe6090


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  • Gryphon Auto Booster Remote Glow Igniter

    Gryphon Auto Booster is a remote operated glow ignition device. Sleek design encased in a durable plastic shell, the Auto Booster tends to make a nice addition to any Nitro helicopter, airplane car, or even boat for easy glow plug ignition.


    Operating Voltage: 4.8V to 7.4V, User Selectable
    Idle Current Drain: 20mA
    Working Current Drain: 650mA
    Size: 10mm x 40mm x 23mm (HxWxL)
    Weight: 20g With Cables
    SKU: GAB-5500

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Gryphon External Buzzer 10mm

    Very powerfull Buzzer!!

    This optional accessory for the Gryphon Auto Booster plugs into the AUX port for additional very loud buzzing when Auto Booster is activated.

    Useful as a locator tool. If you lose your model, turn on the Auto Booster with this loud buzzer and it will be easy to find!

    SKU: GEB-1010

  • Gryphon External Buzzer 12mm

    Very powerfull Buzzer!!

    This optional accessory for the Gryphon Auto Booster plugs into the AUX port for additional very loud buzzing when Auto Booster is activated.

    Useful as a locator tool. If you lose your model, turn on the Auto Booster with this loud buzzer and it will be easy to find!

    SKU: GEB-1012

  • Gryphon Mini Auto Booster (Touch switch type)

    Gryphon Mini Auto Booster (Touch switch type) 

    The Tiny Booster GAB-3300 is a light and compact size glow plug ignitor for Nitro Engines, equipped with a built-in push button and timer function for stand alone usage.

    It is also able to operate automatically with the use of a "trigger" optional cable linked to a Hall sensor and also with a Y cable linked to the Hall Sensor plug of standard Nitro Engines Governors / FBL built in Governors.


    • Input voltage : 3.2V~16V(1~3 LiPo Cells)
    • Timer : 12sec Current draw : 0.75A @ 7.4V, 0.95A @ 6.0V, 1.30A @ 5.2V
    • Size : 8mm(H) x 17mm(W) x 27mm(L)
    • Weight : 4g (Main unit) 15g (Cable included)


    You can feed power to the Tiny Booster with an external battery ( Lipo 2S 450mAh for example ) to avoid using a receiver channel port, or feed it with an available receiver channel port (Do not use the signal wire in that case).

    An automatic fuse circuit will prevent circuit loss and protection of the receiver battery / power supply in case the glow plug would be defective or in case of short circuit on the glow plug wire or terminals.

    An overheating protection circuit will shut down the Tiny Booster in case the circuit temperature gets too high (for example with too many repeated attemps to start a faulty engine / wrong fuel line). Once the unit has cooled down, normal operation can be processed.

    The 3 different colors leds will indicate the state of the Tiny Booster.

    RED LED : Glow Plug Ignition

    YELLOW LED : Timer (12sec)

    BLUE LED : Power on

    SKU: GAB-3300

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Ignition Mini Tachometer CDI

    Ignition Mini Tachometer CDI

    Mini tachometer from Rcexl for use with electronic ignition systems like the CDI.
    Indicates up to 30000 rpm.

    Mini Tachometer:

    1. Contains PIC16f628a microcontroller
    2. Does not need seperate battery, powered from the ignition
    3. Standard FUTABA plug(Black-Negative Red-Positive and White-Signal)
    4. Using high-brightness LED display
    5. Input voltage range:3.5V-8.4V
    6. Current consumption 25mA-60mA
    7. Mini tachometer indicates up to 30000 rpm
    8. Actual RPM= Display Digital *10
    9. Body Size: 41mm L x 17mm W x 12mm H
    10.Window Size: 30mm L x 15mm H
    11.Weight:8.5g  (0.3OZ)

    1.Connect the Y wire between the HALL sensor and the ignition.
    2.Connect the tachometer plug to the other end of the Y wire.
    3.Connect the power supply to the ignition and the tachometer will display the rpm / 10.

    SKU: C5004
  • OS # 7 glow plug

    This is the New O.S. #7 Medium Hot Glow Plug for 2-Stroke Engines. Slightly hotter heat range than the O.S. #8 plug Newly developed to focus on easier running at low and medium speeds Ideal for helicopter engines with superior performance around hovering RPM range-critical for smooth and powerful 3D and F3C type flight Also great all around plug for most 2-stroke airplane, helicopter and car (except turbo head) engines


  • OS # 8 glow plug

    OS # 8 glow plug


  • OS # A3 HOT 6

    OS # A3 HOT 6 glow plug

    SKU: OSA3

  • Remote glow plug adapto w/cap

    New.! remote adaptor with Silicone cap , New Locking design, fit All glow plugs

    SKU: RCMA119

  • Remote Glow plug connector

    Glow plug connector , with Glow head at the end.

    SKU: RCGP-005

  • Webra 4 Glow plug

    Webra # 4 Glow plug
    SKU: WEB4


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  • Webra 7 Glow plug

    Webra # 7 Glow plug
    SKU: WEB7

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