700DFC CCPM Metal Swashplate

700DFC CCPM Metal Swashplate


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Designed specifically for DFC rotorhead system, improving DFC connecting rod's strength and minimizing linkage detachment during extreme flight maneuvers. Two ball attachment points allowing pilot to choose between higher control resolution or faster maneuver response. 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed。 Suitable for T-REX 700N/E to install 700DFC Main Rotor Head Upgrade Set (H70089A). Specification: CCPM metal swashplate x 1 Linkage ball B(M3x4) x 3(Φ5x12mm) Linkage ball C(M3x3.5) x 2(Φ5x8.5mm) Bearing(6706ZZ) x 2(Φ30xΦ37x4mm)

  • 500DFC Main Rotor Head Upgrade

    ●Follow by 700 DFC’s design, the 500 DFC flybarless rotor head system utilizes extreme low CG design, effectively reduces resistance during flight, increased flight responsiveness and precision, resulting in superior 3D performance and unimaginable flight speed with extremely attractive design.

    ●Extreme low CG and short main shaft design, dramatically reduces flight resistance, effectively improves T-Rex 500’s 3D performance and speed.
    ●Two part detachable main blade grips for ease of maintenance and assembly.
    ●New style linkage rod design, complete assembly increases linkage rod rigidity, allowing the pitch slider (follower) to be omitted, resulting in a head assembly that is much simplified and rigid.
    ●Upgrading to the 500DFC rotor head assembly is extremely easy; just replace the head block included in the 500DFC kit, replace the blade grip pitch lever with the new 500DFC lever, connect the 500DFC linkage assembly, and replace the main shaft with 500DFC main shaft. Existing swashplate and newer main rotor grips are kept in the upgrade.
    ●Suitable for T-REX 500 flybarless system.

    SKU: H50181
  • 600MX Motor Shaft

    600MX Motor Shaft x 1(5.5x6x93.9mm)
    Bearings MR686ZZ x 2
    SKU: HMP60M03
  • Charge & Balance Cable for T-Rex 150

    Our main charge leads are constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure that you get the best connection possible every time you charge your batteries.

    This unique design serves as both a charging and balancing cable for your 2S battery pack. Connect to your battery with the JST-XH connector, as used in the T-Rex 150. Connect to the charger's main output with 4mm banana plugs, and to the balance port with a standard 2S JST-XH balance connector. Top-quality silicone wire gives you the flexibility you need to easily get everything connected.


    •   Input Charge Connector: Male 4mm Banana Plug
    •   Input Balance Connector: Male 2S JST-XH
    •   Output Connector: Female 2S JST-XH
    •   Wire Type: 22 AWG Silicone
    •   Length: 20CM
    SKU: SKU48601
  • Herringbone Pinion 17T M0,7

    Pinion for herringbone gear 17 teeth, M0,7

    SKU: MIK-4217
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