6mm Stainless steel tube

6mm Stainless steel tube
Stainless TUBE


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Made from stainless steel, this extremely strong and straight tubes can be used to create your own tail drive.Those tubes made from special stainless tubes, they have a bending tolerance of 0.01mm /1 meter.Supplied as a Piece of 1 meter long

  • 550E Front Body Mount

     6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed.
    Use for T-REX 550E.


    • 550E Front Body Mount x 1
    • Socket button head screw x 4(M2.5x12mm)
    • Socket screw x 2(M3x14mm)
    SKU: H55B001
  • High-Performance Main Rotor Blade- mCP X BL

     High-Performance Main Rotor Blade w/Hdwe for Blade mCP X BL

    SKU: BLH3908
  • LOGO 800 XXtreme Combo

    With the introduction of the LOGO XXTREME Mikado rings in a new era for electric model helicopters. Pilots are bound to be fascinated by the sheer size of the machine and by its ultra-sharp design. Technical details:

    • Extreme 3D helicopter for 700 - 800 mm rotor blades
    • Suitable for 14S lipo batteries
    • Very rigid and light carbon chassis
    • New mounting system for batteries for optimal determination of CG and quick change of batteries
    • New rotor head design with 12 mm hollow spindle and 23 mm thrust bearings
    • Hollow 14 mm main rotor shaft
    • Herringbone main gear, 175 teeth, module 1
    • Tail torque tube drive with large bevel gears
    • 6 mm tail shaft
    • 25 mm tail boom

    Specifications Helicopter

    • Rotor diameter 1,80m
    • Rotor blades 813mm EDGE
    • RTF weight ca. 6kg
    • Recommended battery 2 * 7S LiPo 5000
    • Main gear ratio 9,21 - 10,29 (Pinion 17-19 teeth)
    • Main Gear size 175 teeth Modul 1

    Kit Content

    • Kit with pre-assembled components
    • Detailed printed manual
    • Motor Scorpion HK 5035-380 XXtreme edition
    • Motor pinion 18 teeth / Ø8mm Modul 1
    • ESC YGE 160 HV XXtreme edition with VStabi Governor
    • Servos ---
    • VBar 5.3 Silverline Pro Edition
    • Blades 813mm EDGE
    • Tail Blades 115mm EDGE
    • Airbrushed Canopy
    SKU: MIK-02220
  • Metal Tail Pitch Assembly

    Utilizes dual point attachment design for zero play and higher precision control feel.
    Constructed with CNC aluminum alloy, with precision ball bearing at moving points, improving structure rigidity and smoothness, allowing rudder control to be more precise and smooth.
    6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed.
    Use for T-REX 600ESP.


    I-shaped Arm × 1
    Mount Link × 1
    Metal plate(R) × 1
    Bearing MR105ZZ × 1(Φ5xΦ10x4mm)
    Bearing holder × 1(13.5x12.5x9.5mm )
    Linkage ball A(M2x3.5) × 1(Φ4.75x8.18mm)
    Tail control arm × 1
    Bearing mount washer × 1(Φ7x Φ8.3x3.5mm)
    Bearing F682XZZ × 6(Φ2.5xΦ7.1xΦ2.6mm)
    Bearing MR117ZZ × 2(Φ7xΦ11xΦ3mm)
    Socket button head screw × 1(M3x5mm)
    Socket button head screw × 6(M2.5x5mm)
    SKU: H60250
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