3rd bearing Block Robbe

3rd bearing Block Robbe



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This block is to use in Robbe helicopters, as third block supporting the main shaft. This will prevent any free flex between the frames.

  • Arcus Sport ARF with FREE Lipo

    Arcus  Sport ARF with FREE Lipo till stock lasts!!

    Arcus Sport is a robust electric glider of all-molded Arcel construction, designed for the advanced model pilot. The range of applications extends from thermal flying and slope soaring to relaxed general-purpose flying and simple aerobatics. With its ideal dimensions the model offers an excellent flight performance whilst remaining easy to transport. The large fuselage is extremely robust. On the one hand this makes for good visibility when the model is circling high in a thermal, and on the other it is strong enough to withstand landings on uneven terrain, as often found at the slope or Alpine flying sites. The Arcus Sport is equipped as standard with a powerful brushless outrunner motor and a large folding propeller with aluminum spinner. This power system provides a high rate of climb with safety. The brushless speed controller supplied in the set can be operated by a three-position switch on the transmitter. The six mini-servos are already installed, and are complete with extension leads and two Y-leads, ready to connect to the receiver. The recommended flight battery is a 3S Li-Po pack of 3200 mAh capacity (not included in the set). The robust four-flap wing features a molded-in aluminum tube spar as standard, offering excellent torsional rigidity.

    Amongst other advantages, these features minimize the task of assembling the Arcus Sport. The T-tail effectively avoids damage to the tailplane when landing in tall grass. The fin also incorporates a molded-in aluminum tube which helps to stiffen the airframe as well as acting as cable duct for the elevator servo. Assembling the Arcus Sport essentially boils down to installing the battery, the receiver and the final assembly.

    Set contents:

    • Fuselage, wings and tail with integral tubular aluminum spars.
    • Hinged control surfaces
    • Factory-installed powerful brush-less outrunner motor with speed controller.
    • Factory-fitted large folding propeller with aluminum spinner.
    • Six mini-servos incl. extension cables and pushrods installed, ready to use
    • Decals applied.
    • Comprehensive, illustrated instructions
    • Wingspan: 2600 mm
    • All-up weight: 2000 g
    • Wing area: 58.00 dm
    • Wing Loading: 34.40 g/dm2
    • Length: 1500 mm
    • RC functions:Rudder,elevator,ailerons,camber-changing / landing flaps,speed controller.
    SKU: Robbe3188
  • Beam Autorotation Case

    Beam Autorotation Case, all versions
    SKU: BMH421211
  • BEAM E4 ADVANCE Helicopter kit with Blades, FB or FBL

    The successor to the original Beam E4 is the Beam E4 V2 Advance Flybar or FBL( CHOICE)
    No reverse engineering, just forward thinking

    If your looking for a Heli that is not just a poor clone of an existing design, the new Beam E4 was made just for you Features
    From the first CAD drawing, Beam engineers set out to design the E4 to be a stand alone design that was not just different, but better than the leading competitor both in design, quality and performance. A no holds barred, no options required approach was declared.
    Beam designers started by developing a wide spaced main frame, rather than the conventional stacked frame layout to reduce parts count and overall weight.
    Next, they developed an improved tail belt drive design that runs the belt via a large diameter main pulley for reduced belt drag, and noise. Idler pulleys keep the belt from slipping during even the toughest 3D maneuvers. Dual 1-way bearings were then added to the aluminum auto hub to remove gear slop and complete the bullet proof drive-train.
    With the frame system completed, Beam engineers next moved to improve the main and tail rotor systems. On the Main Rotor system, they went with an all metal Swashplate with adjustable lower Swashplate ring so your Beam would never develop a sloppy feel.
    Designers then focused on the Main rotor head, where they developed the all metal head to include High-G 3D thrust bearings and dampeners as standard. There would be no tracking issues here at Beam, regardless of head speed. While they were at it, they added dual ball bearings to all the mixing levers, bringing the total bearing count to 33.
    On to the tail rotor where they designed an ingenious 1 piece aluminum tail case for reduced weight and ease of maintenance. Add ball bearing metal tail grips with metal pitch slider and pitch plate, and you have a solid tail for maximized gyro hold.
    As the final touch, Beam added their unbreakable landing struts to protect your E4 from the hardest of autos.

    So put away your outdated dinosaur 450 and step up to the innovative new Beam E4. We think you'll be glad you did.

    • New improvements in Advance( V2)
    • New improved one way sleeve / one way assembly:
    • New rear tail servo mounts in frame:
    • Strengthened airframe

    There are alot more smaller but very important feature sets that i haven’t run through here but just as an example, is the washout link new screws that hold it in place as opposed to standard screws.

    At Beam, doing things better is not just a concept, it's a reality.

    • Fully Carbon and CNC metal block frames
    • Solid one piece metal tail rotor case
    • Fully ball raced (33 bearings)
    • Dual bearing auto-rotation case (no main gear wobbing)
    • Almost washer free assembly
    • High quality carbon enhanced FRP main blades
    • Serviceable swashplate
    • Almost unbreakable special nylon compounded landing skids


    • Length : 660 mm
    • Height : 218 mm
    • Main Blade : 325 mm
    • Main Rotor Diameter : 723 mm
    • Tail Rotor Diameter : 150 mm
    • Motor Pinion Gear : 16T (14T)
    • Main Drive Gear : 150T
    • Main Drive Pulley : 51T
    • Tail Pulley : 11T
    • Weight (w/o main blades) : 420g
    • Flying Weight : Approx. 880g
    • Drive Gear Ratio = 1:10.71:4.63 (1:9.37:4.63)

  • Canopy for Robbe Nano Loop

     Canopy for Robbe Nano Loop

    SKU: S2531002
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