250DFC Linkage Rod Set

250DFC Linkage Rod Set

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The ball link are manufactured utilizing POM material, sleek surface, with superior anti-wear characteristic.
Use for T-REX 250DFC(H25119).


250DFC Linkage rod A × 4(M1.4x9mm)
250DFC Ball link × 4
  • T-REX 700E PRO Super Combo DTC

    Align T-REX 700E PRO DFC HFlybarless Super Combo Kit w/Motor, ESC, Gyro, 4 Servos & CF Blades

    This is the Align T-REX 700E PRO DFC  Flybarless Super Combo Kit. This incredible package includes not only the T-REX 700E DFC PRO Kit, but also a 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Boom, an updated 700 3G Carbon Fiber Blade Set and an updated 105mm 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blade Set. Additionally, an Align 520kV 800MX Brushless Motor, 3GX Programmable Flybarless System, three DS615  Cyclic Servos, one DS655 Tail Servo and a Castle Creations ICE2 HV 120 brushless ESC have been included to finish off this impressive combo.

    The T-REX 700E PRO DFC model is specially equipped with the redesigned 700 3G carbon fiber main blades uniquely designed for extreme 3D flights, featuring agility and stability and an updated graphics paint scheme. The increased blade rigidity improves anti-torsion characteristic during flight, and the updated airfoil minimizes turbulence near the blade tip, reducing blade noise and power loss. What’s also included is the 800MX motor featuring high efficiency, superior power, excellent torque, low current draw and low temperature. Adding to the features is an updated style airbrushed fiberglass canopy having aerodynamic form to reduce wind resistance and having 4 point anti-vibration mounts for quick install and removal. This model supplies all top notch equipment for the true helicopter enthusiast. This brilliant model will definitely surprise even the most avid modeler

    700E PRO DFC Features:

    Redesigned style wrap around airbrushed fiberglass canopy, with aerodynamic form to reduce wind resistance. 4-point anti-vibration mounts for quick install and removal
    Equipped with the low CG rotor head, exhibits exhilarating 3D performance and unimaginable flight speed
    800MX features high efficiency, superior power, excellent torque, low current draw and low temperature; it's capable of maintaining consistent torque and head speed through continuous 3D m

    Redesigned style swash anti-rotation guide with embedded anti-wear material, effectively minimize the wear between swashplate long ball and guide
    Utilizes composite carbon material integration technique on frame structure for CCPM servos. Redesigned CCPM direct servo linkage
    Equipped with updated high strength CNC M1 helical main gear and tail drive bevel gear assembly, featuring reinforced overall gear structure and increased gear thickness, effectively improves gear's anti torsion ability to prevent gear from deforming under extreme power, reducing gear wear and power loss
    Equipped with redesigned 700 3G carbon fiber main blades designed specifically for extreme 3D flights, featuring agility and stability, and updated graphics paint scheme
    High quality gearbox design, combined with updated dual point mounted tail pitch control assembly to minimize slop and increase rudder control precision
    Redesigned tail blade designed to sustain optimal tail locking performance under high head speed and extreme flight conditions

    700E PRO DFC Specifications:

    • Length: 1350mm
    • Height: 360mm
    • Width: 208mm
    • Main Blade Length: 700mm
    • Main Rotor Diameter: 1582mm
    • Tail Rotor Diameter: 281mm
    • Motor Drive Gear: 12T
    • Main Drive Gear: 112T
    • Auto rotation Tail Drive Gear: 104T
    • Tail Drive Gear: 22T
    • Drive Gear Ratio: 1:9.33:4.73
    • Weight (With Motor): 3310g


    •   (1) T-REX 700E PRO DFC Kit
    •   (1) 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Boom
    •   (1) 790 3G Carbon Fiber Blade Set
    •   (1) 800MX Brushless Motor (520kV)
    •   (1) 3GX Flybarless System
    •   (3) DS615 digital servos
    •   (1) DS655 digital servos
    •   (1) Castle ICE2 HV 120 Brushless ESC
    •   (1) 105mm 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blade Set

    Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly:

    • Transmitter (7-channel or more, helicopter system)
    • Receiver (7-channel or more)
    • 6S Li-Po 4500 ~ 5200mAh x 2
    • 2S Li-Po 1900 ~ 2300mAh x 1
    • Dial Pitch Gauge
    SKU: RH70E07
  • Aluminum tuned pipe & hea …

    Aluminum tuned pipe & header (complete w/mounting hardware) (strong power across mid and upper RPM range) (blue-anodized)
    SKU: TRX4486
  • DJI Phantom 2 Vision,V2 Sticker Set

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision,V2 Sticker Set, including:

    • 1 sticker Red
    • 1 sticker Blue
    • 1 sticker Purple
  • Hi-Performance Main Rotor Blade

    Hi-Performance Main Rotor Blade Set w/Hdwe: mCP X

    SKU: BLH3510
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