250 Metal Tail Pitch Assembly

250 Metal Tail Pitch Assembly

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Utilizes dual point attachment design for zero play and higher precision control feel.
Constructed with CNC aluminum alloy, with precision ball bearing at moving points, improving structure rigidity and smoothness, allowing rudder control to be more precise and smooth.
6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed.
Use for H25129 Metal Tail Torque Tube Unit.


Linkage ball A(0#x2) × 1(Φ3.5x5.3mm)
I-shaped Arm × 1
Mount Link × 1
Bearing F681XZZ × 2(Φ1.5xΦ4xΦ5x2mm)
Collar × 1(Φ1.5xΦ2.5x5mm)
Socket button head screw × 1(0#x8mm)
Washer × 1(Φ1.5xΦ3x0.5mm)
Tail pitch control link × 2(4.9x1.4x2.4mm)
Collar A × 2(Φ1.5xΦ2.3x2.4mm)
Collar B × 2(Φ1.5xΦ2.3x1.4mm)
Socket button head screw × 2(0#x4mm)
Bearing holder × 1(8.5x7.3x5.6mm)
M2 Set screw × 2(Φ2.5x2.4mm)
Washer × 1(Φ3xΦ4.8x0.6mm)
Bearing MR63ZZ × 2(Φ3xΦ6x2.5mm)
  • Anodized T Filter

    CNC T-TYPE filter, Blue color. Allow re-fueling without the need of discionnecting the fuel line.

    SKU: SKU14548
  • Feathering Shaft FBL

    Beam Flybarless Feathering Shaft

    SKU: E4-7006
  • GRAUPNER Polaron EX Charger (silver)

    This is Graupner/SJ POLARON EX COMBO charger and it is needed the optional Docking SMPS or a suitable 11-28V DC power source. Graupner/SJ is known worldwide as a leader in advanced battery charger technology, and they published a new generation of high tech charger that has the space-saving design to save space. POLARON Ex combo is 2 channels charger to provide a wide feature set, including 20 amp charge rates and 400 Watt's of power per side. Max 400W is available for 24V per channel (Max 220W /12V) .Equipped with a touch sensitive 3.0" full color LCD screen and specialized touch software, it’s a brand new experience in the field of battery charging.

    Key Features

    •   The world's first standing type design
    •   User friendly 3.0" full color TFT LCD
    •   Charging 400W from 24V input, 220W from 12V input.
    •   Charging Capability of Lixx 1-7 cells, Nixx 1-14 cells, Pb 1-12 cells
    •   Individual 20 memories in each channel to manage the different parameter set
    •   The outstanding and maximized space saving design
    •   Built in additional useful functionality such as servo tester, tire warmer updating with the latest firmware

    • Dimensions (LxWxH)  88,2x203,4x196,3 mm
    • Max. balancing current  350 mA
    • Operating voltage DC: 11 .... 28 V
    • Discharge current  2x Max.60W / 0.1 - 10.0 A
    • All-up weight, approx. 1368 g
    • Charge output  2    
    • Automatic charge current  USB 5V output (5.0V 2,5A ) A
    • Max. discharge current  0,1 - 10 A
    The Set includes

    •   POLARON charger
    •   EH to XH 7S Adapter Board and 7S Cable
    •   USB Cable
    •   DC input cable
    •   Temp Sensor x 2
    •   Charge Cable x 2
    •   Alligator Clip x 2
    •   Charger Stand
    •   Manual
    SKU: GR-S2011
  • HUB-4 cable with high-current

    A 4-way distribution unit for th eS-BUS system with 50 cm long connection to S-BUS receiver.

    Power hungry servos will be connected directly to the HUB-4 and power provided from the unit. Smaller servos with a lower power requirements will be connected directly to the receiver.
    From the the output side, 2 HUB-2 or HUB-3 leads are provided for the wing panels, elevator and rudder servos will be connected via an additional, long HUB-2 lead.
    Other S-BUS servos, such as nosewheel and tow release servos can be connected to the remaining connections.
    The power supply is made via the switch harness 8A, a Limiter or a dual power supply. A compact solution to the S-BUS wiring, which is very powerful and sufficient for a continuous current load of 8A (16A intermittent) to suit the majority of models.
    Power distribution and receiver will be separated within the model, in this manner, whereby the receiver may be located at the optimum reception point, for example within the canopy and the remaining wiring can be placed well within the fuselage.
    A large range of ready-made NiMH and LiPo receiver battery packs, already fitted with the 30A hotmelt-sealed heavy-duty plug, are available for the HUB-4 S-BUS-System.

    more Specification:

    Current rating: Continuous 8A, intermittent 16A.

    SKU: RB8884
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